I Have A Question...Special Edition

I have a question and a splitting headache, so I am going to cut to the chase right here and now.  The budget crisis.  And the fact that military...MILITARY personnel will have deferred pay until it is resolved.  I apologize here and now for stating the obvious.  Military folks don't get a lot of money to begin with.  Most live paycheck to paycheck.  Thankfully the military has benefits like housing.  They also have the commissary....but a friend of mine whose husband is still enlisted just posted that the commissary is funded by DoD (Dept of Defense) funds.  I guess it could be considered essential personnel...but probably not since it is just food.  And really the food isn't necessary for the dependents right?  She also suggested that perhaps congress should go without THEIR pay until this is over.  I agree. 

My friend also linked this article.  Here is a quote from it.

“The military would be paid through the 8th” — or half a paycheck, the official said. “Beyond that period of time they would not be paid. They would continue to earn their money, and when we have money again, they would be paid at that time.” WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!?  Non-military folk...look at the first letter of each word there.  Again, how about YOU congress person simply earn your wages but not actually see them until this over.  And while we are at it....let's cut some other luxuries you have that the people who are sworn to protect do not.

Maybe I am being opinionated here.  But I can't help it.  Perhaps it is because my husband served 20 years and 9 months in United States Coast Guard.  And we went through this exact same thing in 95/96.  So maybe I am a little too close to it.
What are your thoughts?  As always, I ask that everyone play nice.


Emmy said…
I will play nice to you, that is just 100% wrong!!!! Yes congress should not be paid until they get this fixed. Not those who sacrifice and give their whole lives in service for this country. Makes me mad
mormonhermitmom said…
Totally agree. Congress should get a paycut for not performing to our expectations. You don't mess with the people who keep the country safe.
MiMi said…
You don't even want to see my opinion. Or hear. Or read.
I seriously think every one of those people in congress should be ASHAMED that they are so incompetent that they keep having to do this.
This crap should have been done MONTHS ago. OCT. 1st is the deadline for the budget.
And they're whining it's not done. Well, folks, you were all Democrat led for 2 years, why didn't you pass some ridiculous budget during that time?! And, yeah, it would have been ridiculous and I'm thankful the asshats didn't get it done, but on the other hand, COME ON PEOPLE!
I say kick em all out. For real.
blueviolet said…
I think Congress should have stepped up and taken paycuts. Ridiculous!
Aubree said…
that's wrong! :( i thought they were thinking of doing something where congress doesn't get paid until it's over? but i'm not surprised that THAT'S not happening.
Nicole said…
Oh Congress shouldn't get paid either... then maybe they'd get their shit (pardon my language) together!
KK said…
It's hard to say nicely what I think of congress. As a federal employee, if I am not paid I will have lots of free time to call and email my congressmen EVERY hour. They do not deserve pay! Neither does the president. And furlough all of their staff too. Make them clean their own toilets. Theyll hurry up then!
Nikki said…
Congress shouldn't be paid because they have not done their job of budgeting correctly!!! Thats just common sense!

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