Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Must Vote

There is always drama of some sort on DWTS.  Some seasons are more so than others.  Last season everyone kept getting sick.  Derek Hough actually got sent home and his partner had to dance with someone else for one week.  Dancers and celebs alike have danced with injuries and while sick.  However, when I saw Evan trying a flip with Anna, and not only saw but heard his head hit the mat(thank God for the mat) I just cringed.  He ended up with a head injury that ended him up in Urgent Care.  He was okay, and carried on.  The show must go on I guess....

Jake and Chelsie:  The Dance:  The Samba--Chelsie took him out dancing to see the Samba.  Looks like fun was had.  I think what I like about Jake is that not only does he give it his all, but he has fun doing it.  And that is what it is about.  The dance was going great and then he bumped into the steps to the judges table.  He quickly recovered it, but it was there.  Len commended him for his increasing confidence and noted that there were no glaring mistakes within the dance, but that it lacked rhythm and that is what the Samba has to have.  Bruno said that Jake didn't "wiggle" correctly.  Jake countered with, "I didn't have my dollar!"   Carrie Ann praised him for always working at his maximum level, but stressed he still needs to connect with the music.


Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 7
Bruno 7

Total 21

Evan and Ana:  The Dance:  The  Samaba  Head injury and all....

I really really liked this dance.  He has really grown with his dancing.  And I am sure it hasn't hurt his skating either.  Bruno told him that he has a very good lyrical line.  I suppose that is the skater part of him.  However, the samba requires a different kind of hip action. The hips need to move in the "correct" way.  Bruno has a tendency to demo when he says these things. Carrie Ann told him he lost the battle of the Samba.  Wow!?  Really?  Did I watch a different dance?  Len wasn't any happier.  He said it was the worst dance ever.  Thanks Len, now why don't you add lemon juice to that wound.  I am serious...feed these people BEFORE the show!  It will make them happier.

CarrieAnn:  7Len ; 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 21

Niecey and Louis:  The Dance:  The Argentine Tango

They put comedy into this otherwise serious dance.  I was very concerned for them.  Personally I thought it worked.  But I wasn't so sure Len would bite.  Or maybe I was worried that he WOULD!  Niecey did a good job.  Her feet were keeping up with the rest of her.  Maybe it was because the dance was slower.  Carrie Ann said it was nice to see her "dancing" but that she didn't need the comedy.  There was a lift, but in this dance it is legal.  Len liked the comedy and the dance.  Well I am not keeping up with them at all tonight!  Bruno said that he could tell she worked on it, but that it lacked intensity.  *sigh*

Carrie Ann:  7
Bruno: 7

Tonight's episode of DWTS  is brought to you by the number 7.

Erin and Maks:  The dance: The Samba

Erin looks like a Vegas show girl.  Did I mention the couples got to design each others costumes.  The skirt of the dress was feathers.  Big giant purple plumes.  And a nude top with purple sequened appliques strategically placed.  As usual they fought throughout the rehearsal, but it's all good.  I really liked their dance too.  Oh and Erin ripped Maks sleeves off as part of the dance, and then Maks ripped his shirt off.  Oh darn.  Again I am thinking Len will not be pleased with this.   Len wasn't even going to talk to Maks.  Instead, he said, "Erin hold my gaze, I am going to give you another 7 but you should be getting 8's, 9's and 10's.---" at this point he gets cut off by Tom, Maks, and Erin, "then give her(me) them."  He went on to say that she has to give him a proper dance.  Dang he's testy!  Bruno saves the day with "This girl can do it!  It was exciting!  It was like girl who likes to be on top!  You have nothing to worry about!"  Carrie Ann simply said, "You.Nailed.It."

Carrie Ann:  9
It's nice to see that they got the other paddles, but Len forgot to use his.

Cheryl and Chad:  The Dance:  Argentine Tango.  Okay I will just say it:  a little better, but not good enough.  We are coming to the point where it is time separate the contenders from the ...not contenders.  There was some dancing, but to me it was a lot of posing.  Bruno was very pleased and told him that he proved he could dance.  Carrie Ann said that the reason we have been so hard on you is because you weren't dancing well, and tonight you nailed it.  She likes that phrase.  Len praised him also for finally growing.  Wow...I am not watching the same show.

Carrie Ann 8
24  And Evan and Ana and Jake and Chelsie got 7's?  Is it because they can do better and they know it?  Whatever.

Derek and Nicole:  The Dance:  The Samba  What can I say?  Derek is a dream to watch and Nicole is a good student.  She got over her nerves and shook it like nobody's business.  Carrie Ann turned Greek and started chanting, "O pah!" then admitted she doesn't even know what that means.Well that is okay Carrie, because I can't spell it.  Len was not at all amused calling it a hodge podge of sexy moves and girations.  Bruno on the other hand said she was a sensation. That men would dribble with desire. 

CA: 9
len: 7
Bruno 10

Pamela and Damian:  The Dance: The Argentine Tango.  Pamela had a brown wig on.  I almost didn't recognize her.  She was having a ton of trouble with the lifts.  Think of "Dirty Dancing" and how many times Jennifer Grey knocked Patrick Swayze over. Yeah kind of like that.  I was worried for her.  But once again she surprised me.  I think Carrie Ann is right, she would do well on Broadway.  But can she sing?  Len was overall pleased with the dance, but said that it was "scruffy" at times.  Bruno gushed about how she lives the part of the character each and every week.  Tom said, "You know Bruno, sometimes you are a little weird."  Carrie Ann told her she is unbelievably sexy and that she just needed to work on her legs.

CA:  7
Len: 7
Bruno; 8

Now comes the fun part.  A swing marathon.  It's kind of hard to watch everyone at once.  I personally don't know how they do it.  Len complained he was out voted many times.  I think I might have sided with him.  Especially since Jake and Chelsie were the first to be tapped out!  What!?  Are you LOOKING at Chad dance???  Come one!  And on it went in this order:

Neicey and Louis 5
Evan and Ana 6
Chad and Cheryl (about time )7
Pamela and Damian 8
Erin and Maks 9
Derek and Nicole 10
Len:  I was out voted over and over again.  (Hmmm I wonder who Len wanted out first)

I voted and voted and voted with 5 phones!  Some of you voted right long with me!  Thank you for sharing the love!  Muah!  I am sad to report that Jake and Chelsie danced their last dance!  Ah but Jake all the women will forever thank  remember you for your "Risky Business."


Christina Lee said...

AWW bye bye Jake. Now go focus on your new realtionship!

Tracie said...

I have to admit I'm watching this show now. I'm a big Evan fan. I liked his dance and I think the judges were too hard on him.

Emmy said...

Sorry Jake got cut, I used all of my votes for him just for you :)