Friday, December 7, 2012

Review 2012 Jan-March

Welcome to Week 1 of the Review Extravaganza 2012.  This week we will be recapping January, February and March.

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And now for my recap....


Ryan was an all star reader (and he still is totally rocking it) mastering his rainbow words and was the top of his class.

Emily made honor roll for the very first time!  It was so exciting to see her grow like that.

And Kristin tried out for her very first musical.  This was a huge step for her at the time.  One would never guess she was born to act.  Not only did she audition, she got a part!!!
I got a little and there....

I helped Ryan with his 100 days of school by making a shirt (totally stole the idea from Emmy)  and made a couple of other things.
Just flip your computer ;)

My van had a fight with a spark plug and lost.  And I continued to get my craft on. 

Something sad for me happened.  Being a huge fan of The Monkees, the death of Davy Jones was a huge loss to me and left me sad.  I still feel sad now and then.  But it also brought up lots of happy memories.

And some where in there, I got to see my bestie...and as we well know, there is always a picture when that happens! have until next Wednesday, Dec 12th to link up.  Remember to post just a link of your recap and not just a link to your blog.  There are lots of prizes so why wouldn't you want you want to play along!  I sure wish I could.

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VandyJ said...

Busy, but it looks like you were mostly having fun--with the exception of the van/spark plug incident.

Nicole said...

Wow, the beginning of this year was a wonderful time for your kiddos. I remember all of this. And the poor flat!

Mom of 12 said...

I was a little sad about Davy Jones too. I wasn't a big fan, but he was definitely a part of my childhood.
Thanks for the fun link-up!

Emmy said...

Holy cow crazy that Kristin auditioned for the first time this year! She has been in a bunch of shows since then.

And so awesome for both Emily and Ryan.

And turn your computer sideways- lol too funny! And yes we need another picture- i.e. we need to get together again.
Great recap :) Thanks for hosting with me.

Mrs. Match said...

That is so awesome that your daughter discovered a new talent in acting. Good for her! I always wanted to try out for plays but I never had the guts. Good for her!

MiMi said...

It's so funny how I remember all these things for you, but I hardly remember any of my stuff at all!

Janette Johanson said...

I just want to meet everyone! I love that you got to meet Emmy!! She's def. a blogger I have on my list of people to meet!! Proud of you for getting crafty!! I think this was my first year to really get crafty too- I think its therapeutic! Losing Davy was hard-- he really was the cutest of the group!!

Anonymous said...

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