Monday, March 26, 2012

I Must Have ADHD

What is it about any type of weather, be it snow or rain that makes people crazy, stupid, reckless, or reckless....well more so than normal???  People just seem to lose their minds if the ground is wet.  Maybe they think the sky is falling!!!!

What is the most tired you have ever been?  I mean aside from the obvious after your babies were born and you were operating on an hour of sleep.  This past weekend for me was a nonstop roller coaster ride that did not stop until about 9PM last night.  I am so ready for Spring break.  Did I really just say that???

My biggest question of all is why do the wrong budgets keep getting cut???  Our teachers, aides, food service people, and crossing guards all agreed to a 6 percent pay cut and if a tax in crease doesn't pass(yeah that'll happen) another pay cut for the above mentioned bringing it to a near 10 PERCENT plus FURLOUGH days!  Again, why are the wrong budgets being cut??  Why cut the administrators budget?  Has it been cut? If it has, no one is telling us.    Teachers aren't exactly rolling in it.  What is your take?  Does this happen in your neck of the woods?
I have lots of questions!


mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah, "I'll cut anyone else's budget but mine" seems to be the most used strategy. Why does an administrator need a six figure salary anyway?

MiMi said...

We're have major budget cuts up here for school too.
What I wonder is WHAT do they do with our money? We pay an assload of taxes..the schools should have enough. My guess is that it's the govt beaurocracy taking too much!

Emmy said...

Yes, the more we keep cutting from schools, whether it be the teachers or those that are helping out the worse things are going to get. it is stupid

becca said...

i have lots of question but unfortnately no answers

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I used to work the 10pm-6am shift at Big Boy during college, and that has to be the most tired I have ever been! Miserable!

Nicole said...

oh come on remember now, all those dumb politicians in DC need to keep their humongous salaries, so all us lowly people who can barely make a living just have to sacrifice so they can have their big jets that will fly all the way to DC for 3 days and then back to the West Coast because that's their way of life and they obviously can't cut back.