Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I think I have been mostly good. I yelled a lot less this year. I refrained from name calling...okay...I didn't "refrain" but even you must admit that I did a lot better this year. I finally cleaned my side of the room clean. I know I still have a problem sharing, but it is mine right? I think you know what I want, but just in case I will include my list now.

A maid...I think I could use one
A chef....this way we would eat healthier
A chauffeur...this way nobody would be late or miss anything
A personal trainer...this way I will stay motivated
A personal shopper...this way I will have more time with my kids maybe I am asking too much. I will be more realistic.

digital camera or auto focus lens for the one I have
A nice sweater or light jacket that can be casual or dressy...ask Mrs. Claus she will understand.
A vacuum. I know it sounds totally lame, but mine sucks. Welll actually it doesn't and that is the problem.
New cookie sheets...and please not the air bake kind....ask Mrs. Claus
Jewelry --rings in particular. I like sparkly things.

Those my big ticket items. Oh don't forget the Andes Candees and the little stuffed bear. Oh and a snow globe. I only have 2 you know.



Dear Santa,

I want the littlest petshop playground, an elf toy, a santa toy, a webkinz German Shepard. Have I been naughty? (I think I have) Yes or No. Today is November 30, 2009 at 10:27pm* I should go to sleep. I'm super tired. Merry Christmas!!!!


Inspired by Mama Kat's writing prompt. Prompt # 3 Open letter to Santa Claus. Since I wasn't sure if she meant write one yourself or open one from your kids, I did both.

* Emily was not awake at 10:30....I still haven't changed her clock.


Emmy said...

Great letters.
I love Andes candies too! So yummy. Hopefully Santa will fill my stocking with them :)

Melissa said...

hmmm... I think I like your first list the best... a maid, a chauffer, a nanny, a masseuse...etc...

KK said...

I love Emily's letter!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Oh I second the motion. I need the maid, cook, nanny, and the chauffer, but I only want the masseuse if it's a really cute guy!

Holly said...

I love your letter - I need new cookie sheets too and a staff!...but I {heart} your daughters letter. I didn't know what to do this week - you were not in front of or behind me!

Hope something sparkly comes your way!