Monday, November 30, 2009


This Thanksgiving was huge at our house. It started out to be big and then grew and expanded to HUGE! I knew we would have my parents, my brother and sister, my nephew and niece. Adding to a total of 11. Then, I decided to invite the missionaries. I love to feed them anyway, but to feed them on a holiday is extra special for me. It was so cute because they both kept thanking me so much for having them over. And I am the one who was thankful to have them in my home and the spirit they invite.

Next we invited my aunt and uncle. Then, it turns out a cousin of mine just finished boot camp and is going to school (for the Navy) so we added her to the list. Well it turns out that these youngin's are not allowed to travel alone. So they must travel not in pairs, but at the very least a group of three. Sure why not! The more the merrier! We had a grand total of 18 guests. I was shaking in my boots at the very prospect of feeding 18 people and having enough for everyone. Not to mention all the work! Well it turns out, I had a lot of help.

Kristin helps prepare the stuffing
19.6 ounces....thank goodness they come in egg form!
Kristin was the official turkey baster.
Thankful hands
A Thanksgiving dad not only at the table, but with family and Elder E.
Elder B "called" sitting next to Ryan. He thinks Ryan is the coolest.
Uncle Geoff polishing off the last of the....sparkling cider. Yep we are party animals.

It was a super fantastic day filled family friends and laughter. My cousin and her friends missed out on pie because they had to be back at certain time. The missionaries also had to leave before pie. So we sent them home with about 4 pieces of pie. Shortly after they all left, Emmy and her family came over for a short visit along with my cousins parents--my mom's brother and sister-in-law. So it was a great day indeed.

Kristin went around with the video camera asking people what they were thankful for. Most of us said family but each person had a unique way of saying it. My cousin, Eric--Emmy's hubby of course said his wife and kids, and he added the scriptures, the gospel, and doughnuts and cookies. My Aunt Melidee(Emmy's MIL) said how much she loved "octogenarians" because they do not have an agenda, just peace and the light of Christ in their eyes. I had to explain to Kristin what "octogenarian" meant, but other than that she got it.

So yeah, I am crazy. 18 people for Thanksgiving...oh and did I mention the dog? My other aunt and uncle have a little tiny fluff ball that they claim is a dog. He's very docile and wouldn't hurt a fly. You hardly know he is there, unless my aunt decides to leave the room then he barks like crazy. I had a lot help with preparation, and with clean up. Otherwise, I would say NEVER AGAIN! But it was so nice, I do believe I will. Same time next year!


Emmy said...

Yes you are very brave to host that many. And thanks for letting us come over after all the chaos to add more chaos :)
Doesn't surprise me that Eric said donuts. Remind me to tell you one of his presents for Christmas ;)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How fun!! It is all about opening up your home and you did that!

Carolynn said...

It was noisy, tasty, chatty, happy, family,friends,fun. The work was well worth it. See you next year, same time same place.

Rachel said...

The most I've hosted for Thanksgiving is 4! Wowy, you are amazing! Looks like it turned out great too!

KK said...

Wow, that's a big thanksgiving! Congrats on pulling it off :) Love the Christmas decorations around here by the way!