Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DWTS Team Dances

Team Dancing

This week they are doing team dancing along with their regular dancing. Mark and Chelsea and Hines and Kym get to pick their teams since they were the top of the leader board last week.  Once the teams were picked the fun begins.  I thought it was funny  -- not haha funny-- that Romeo and Chelsie were picked last!  The dance is The Cha Cha.

Team One--Mark and Chelsea

Chelsie and Romeo
Ralph and Karina
Mark and Chelsea

In rehearsals they decided the order should go:  Chelsea and Romeo, Ralph(who has not danced the Cha-Cha yet) and Karina and then Mark and Chelsea.   Chelsea (Kane) told Romeo she was happy to have him on her team, but that if he screwed up she was going to kill him.  The dance was great.  I thought they did very well and that it was spunky and fun!

Today we have a guest judge:  Donnie Burns a Latin dance champion.

Len said how much he appreciated the challenge that they had to learn two dances.  A team dance and individual.  He said they kept it in formation and that it was terrific.

Bruno told them that they went full throttle, but that they lost formation along the way.

Carrie Ann said she  disagreed and said that they did very well as a group. She also commended  Ralph for holding his own amongst the youngsters.

Donnie said they all did great jobs. He told Ralph that he fluffed a little, but it didn't effect the formatin at all.

Donnie: 8
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 30/40

 Team Two--Hines and Kym
Hines and Kim
Knedra and Louis
Kirstie and Maks

This rehearsal was a bit rougher than team one's.  Oh and Kendra farted.  And it was a rotten egg.  Three people were waving their hands besides her.  Yep.  She's a lady.  Somewhere in rehearsal it was said, "When in doubt, shake your butt."

Their dance is good too but like team 1 better.  This dance for me seemed to drag on.  Like I felt like they got more dance time.  But they wouldn't.  It's the same.

Bruno said that a little wiggle of extra butt doesn't hurt. He told them that the  patterns and transitions were very good.

Carrie Ann said that in the group Kiristie was a little off and Kendra too. But in the solo both were on fire.

Donnie said that there should be a certain amount of spacing between couples and that it wasn't quite right.

Len exclaimed, "I know which team of girls won the boobie prizes!" He said  Kendra was like a Bond girl: shaken not stirred. And he told Hines that he did good keeping up with the professionals.

Donnie:  7
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 8
Bruno: 7
Total 30/40 (tied)

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas 1-800-868-3401

The closer to the end we get the more special tutors we get!  This week one of the tutors is another dancing champ:  Shirley Ballas.  As in Mark Ballas' mother.  She's a hoot.  She helped Chelsea learn aggression for the Paso which included her literally putting her face in Chelsea's and making her shout, "I want to win it!"

I didn't like their Paso Doble.  And I can only describe Chelsea's outfit as that of a dominatrix.  Not that I know anything about that stuff.  But their Paso was lacking Paso.  At least to me.

Len and I agreed again!  Is the world ending?  He said, "I got confused. First,  I liked that. Then I said, what's that?"He said there was too much aggression and that it lacked refinement.

Bruno called Chelsea "Lady Lace." And "The ball breaker."  He said there was violent intensity and that the creative artistry was outstanding.

Carrie Ann said it was time for,"Out with the old and in with the new!" She said it was totally progressive and that they did a great job.

Donnie said that last week they did the best job. But, like Len, he was confused.  He said he was looking for the best matador and what he saw was a Hell's Angels'  Biker Chick.

Donnie:  8
CA: 9
Len: 8
Bruno: 9
Total: 34/64/80
Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel 1-800-868-3407

Kendra and Louis are dancing the Tango. There is no booty shaking in this dramatic dance. During rehearsal when she hooks her leg on his he tells her it looks like she is sitting on the toilet. BHAHAHAHAHA!  I that's harsh.  BHAHAHAHA!  *ahem*  Their dance was okay, but without the booty shaking she is back in that uncomfortable place. 

Bruno liked it telling her she never looked so elegant and leggy. But added that she was hanging on to Louis too much.  And uses Len as a visual.  Poor Len.

Carrie Ann told her she was so proud of her for being so confident and elegant. Really?  Cause I didn't see that.

Donnie pointed out that it was much more challenging this week and that they did "A Bloody good job!"

In a nearly apocalyptic moment, Len agreed with Bruno.  Bruno fakes a heart attack and keeled over.  Maybe the world is going to end in 2012.

Donnie:  8
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 8
Total: 31/61/80

Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy 1-800-868-3411

Kirstie  and Maks are dancing the jive. There was a lot of frustration from Kirstie and Maks in this one.  She hollered at him, "I need a break!"  They bickered back and forth, but finally got past it.  It happens every season to every couple.  This was their turn.  I really love Kirstie.  She is who she is.  Like it or not.  Tonight in her dance she just  wasn't keeping up. 

Carrie Ann told her how much she loves her, but that there was just not enough of the jive.  The best compliment she could offer was how amazing Kirstie looks.  We are guessing 20-30 pounds down.

Donnie said that he really liked it and that he'd "buy it."

Len told her she is an actress and that she acts every dance beautifully but that as a jive it was most uneventful.

Bruno said she might have gone wrong but as an entertainer it was superb.  He told her that her musicality and instinct is on the money all the time.

Donnie: 9
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 6--Ouch!  Gees who put a tack on your chair!?
Bruno: 8
Total: 30/40/60/80
 Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff 1-800-868-3408

Ralph and Karina have the Quick Step.  If there is one dance made for one person, this would be the dance for Ralph.  I LOVED IT!!!And so did he.  He had a smile the entire time.

Donnie told him he has fabulous footwork--true that!!.  "You two rocked!"

Len liked the energy and also noted his fancy footwork. He told him that his upper body is a little loose but overall a great job.

Bruno said that for him it was more than a quick step it was how to grab a quick one. *wink* "You are a vibrant performer!"

Carrie Ann simply excalimed, "BOOYAH!  Your'e back! I am so proud of you Ralph!!"

DB:  10 (Go Ralph!)
CA: 9
Len 8
Bruno: 9

 Hines Ward and Kym Johnson 1-800-868-3403

Hines and Kym dance The Tango.  Another Latin Champ helps them.  He plays the "woman" to teach Hines to lead.  It was kind of funny.  I usually enjoy Hines' dances.  But tonight he seemed a little off somehow.

Len said he was like a Tiger fierce and intense, and also like a pickle --sharp and tangy.  Leave the colorful critiques to Bruno! Len added that he goes into like a fairy mode.  Too dainty. (Major booing)  "Talk to the hand." He did say that over all he liked it very much.

Bruno said he liked light and shade.  "I like the way you play it!  Big and strong slinky and stealthy!"

Carrie Ann told him that he takes command of every dance, but tonight he seemed a little off balance.

Donnie told him that he dances from the heart and uses his head. He added that he has charisma on the floor but mechanically his arms are suppsoed to be still, and he was more like American Airlines.

Donnie:  9
Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 8
Bruno: 10
Total: 36/40/66  (Tied with Rallph and Karina!)

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower 1-800-868-3405

Romeo  and Chelsie are dancing the Samba and they to are coached by Mark's Mom.  Is that okay?  She's fraternizing with the enemy.  He said he would have a party in his feet, pants, all over.  He definitely had a party going on, but it was not for the Samba.

Bruno said that he could shake it, but that he was shaking it the wrong way. And he added that he needed to correct his legs.

Carrie Ann said that he has incredible potential, but that he needs to focus on his technique.  She also said that his bounce was the wrong kind of bounce...for the Samba.

Donnie admires Romeo, and noted how he has grown--which he has. "I admire you. You have achieved grace and elegance, but there may be party in your pant but there is an earthquake in your shoes."

Len didn't like the dance.  He said Romeo talked the talk but didn't walk the walk.  "We are down to the nitty gritty.  You gotta up your game!"  Spot on, Len!

Donnie: 7
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 8

Going Home:  Kendra and Louis.  She actually matured a little in her 7 week journey.   One thing for sure, she left a little bit different than when she started.  See you at the finale Kendra.

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Nicole said...

even though I don't care for Kendra, I was kind of sad to see her go. I'm always sad to see them go, even if I don't care for them.

Although they didn't do the trip down memory lane for her... did you notice?

MiMi said...

I wondered if Shirly was Mark's mom...I missed the part where they said she was. He looks so weird, right? I mean a strange looking guy. His mom is pretty and his dad is normal looking. Weird.
She has big boobs though!

Christina Lee said...

Wow Kendra, farting, sitting on toilet (not surprised)--bye bye potty humor! :)

Emmy said...

Maybe he was a little off Since he practiced with a man :)

I always like the group things

blueviolet said...

I thought team one was way better than team two also. Mark's mom kinda scared me!

Shell said...

I haven't watched since the second week! I'm so behind!

I usually root for whoever is paired with Chelsie Hightower b/c I adore her.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Kendra. Kirstie wasn't good this week but, wow, has she ever lost weight. Maybe I need to take up ballroom dancing. I'll let Maks teach me any day. Rawr!

Nikki said...

awww I can't believe Kendra went home!! I thought she was awesome and looked great! Great recap as always! ps I still think Ralph is so good looking, maybe its just from watching the karate kid over and over again when i was younger lol!