Monday, September 24, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

I am not interested in political flaming.  I am not interested in who is voting for whom.  That is a personal choice.  It is what makes this country great.  Not only do we get to choose our leaders, but we as women, also get to be a part of that!  And still less than a hundred years for that!  And wow did our sisters, fight hard for that.

What I am interested in, is the amount of badgering I am seeing.  It is downright middle school.  How in the world are we supposed to teach our children about cyber bullying and its affects when the adults are just as guilty of it?  I can not tell you how many horrible comments I have seen in the cyber worold directed at the candidates.  Would these people dare say that right to their face?  Maybe a select few would be dumb enough.  And then they would be quickly wrestled to the ground and have a foot on their neck.

I understand that this is a free country, and we do have freedom of speech.  I also understand that the internet is not regulated.  But let's be real here.  If your child was being harassed the way these men are--and grown up and all they are still someone's child--you can not tell me you would not go all Mama Bear for your cub.

So I ask you:  How do we prevent cyber bullying when the adults are just as bad, if not worse??

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Becca said...

I agree. I cannot believe the level of incivility I am reading and hearing these days. You are spot on.

mormonhermitmom said...

Tough question. It used to be that bullying happened on the playground and if a kid could defend himself/herself with a good sock to the nose of the bully, the bully usually got the message and didn't try it anymore.

Kinda hard to do that now. The victim gets in trouble for self-defense.

Then you go on the internet and people are fairly safe from the punch in the nose, or even from the "principal's office". So it can easily descend into a free for all. Only a society that truly values civility will nurture it.

On the other hand, how long have elected officials lowered themselves to the same incivility? And then there's the dismal job performance. And they vote themselves raises. It's hard to have respect for someone in such an office when they don't treat the office with respect themselves. I think some of the rancor the candidates are experiencing was brought on by themselves.

Sorry for the novel. I'm going to bury myself until the election so I can keep my mouth in check. ;)

Emmy said...

It is true it really does disgust and amaze me what some people say. And really belittling or saying something mean is just going to make people that support the other candidate fight back harder and believe untrue things the other way. If you want to pusade people don't do it with hate

becca said...

this is one reason I stay out of politics and as for the bullying in other areas it is getting way out of hand the worst part is it's adults doing most of it and children learning from them which is really bad. I wish I knew the answer to solving this one.

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Amy said...

Once upon a time it was okay to have a different opinion from others. It didn't change who you were, or encite such hate. Now, it is absolute. If your opinion is not the same as John Doe's, that makes you a bad evil person. Sigh. In the same Once upon a time, politics were actually about the issues at hand, not about attacking the opponent and seeing who can make who look the worst, thus securing your seat in the white house... sorry, I think you hit a rich vein of disgust for the way politics and people handle things. :) Amen to getting rid of all cyber-bullying!

Nicole said...

People are just flat out nuts!!