Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Really Wordless, Wednesday

There is just too much to share, and too much to say to make it a "Wordless Wednesday."

Yesterday, I got to take Ryan and Lucas(Emmy's son) to the fire station.  What a thrill for a little boy!  Ryan has at least three fire trucks that I can think of.  Plus a fireman hat.  What a thrill for me.  Firemen.  'Nough said.   While we waited for the tour to start, the boys made a game called ROLLER COASTER. They were an instant hit with the other boys.
This is the drop part.

I didn't try this ride.
A call came in just as we arrived
Ryan was a little worried about the Fire Truck.  They are much bigger in person.  
Did you know there is a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine?  A fire truck is the really big one with the 75 foot ladder on top.  The fire engine is the smaller one with the two small ladders.  

The fire fighters stay in their station house residence for 24 hours at a time.  I am not certain exactly how the duty rotation works, but I do know a fire chief and he tried to explain to me and my husband how his schedule worked.  It made me dizzy.  I had enough trouble keeping Rich's straight when he was in the Coast Guard!  Anyway, their residence has a TV room.  It is a TV lover's dream come true.  A great big flat screen with lazy boys lining each side of the room.  None of which had a single fire fighter in them.  Their kitchen was huge and spotless.  Maybe I should have them come to my place and clean mine!  Their sleeping quarters--yep we went there!--made me feel claustrophobic.  A good size room, with beds, separated by lockers with gear on top of each of them.  Our tour guide, Fire Fighter Sean said, that when they get a call an alarm will sound and the lights--that are red will come on.  Usually when they are soundly sleeping.  He said that the Fire Department is the first responder to medical emergencies because they have better equipment, better training,and the ambulances cover the entire county while they cover our city so they are able to get any place faster.(I don't know if this is true county to county or state to state)  He went onto say that if you were in their care that they would go to the hospital with you and make sure you are taken care of.  

The boys didn't want get in the truck...until...

After I got in--how cool is that!?

Fire Fighter Lucas

Fire Fighter Ryan

The kids were treated to a fire fighter in full gear.  That gear weighs about 40 pounds by the way.  At the bottom of the oxygen tank is a valve release that will sound an alarm if the wearer is in danger.  These fire fighters train for four years before they are eligible for a probationary position.  This probation period lasts 18 months.  After the year and a half, it is determined whether or not the candidate is suited for the job.  They train, study, and work out daily.  They have an amazing and frightening job.  I am glad I don't have to do it.  And I am thankful they do!  It was a fun tour and those boys had a blast.  Their favorite part:  sitting in the truck!


Emmy said...

Great pictures and post! And thank you again so much for taking him. He needed to get out after being stuck at home with his sick sister.

And I can totally see them making up that roller coaster game :)

mormonhermitmom said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! The pictures are great too. Ethan would have loved to join them!

Linda said...

I have 4 boys and we area all about visits to the firestations! so fun! Happy SITS Wednesday!

Laura said...

I did NOT know the difference! Cute pictures, what a great day for a little boy! Also, it looks so nice there...I'm jealous.

Rachel Sue said...

Too fun! I really need to take my boys to do this.

Although, maybe I will wait until the baby is old enough to care. . :)

KK said...

Firefighters = yummy!