Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's In The Wrong?

It's question time, and I have just one but with three real or fictional scenarios, you can decide.

Scenario One:  You are at the Dollar Tree 4 days before Valentine's Day.  See you forgot that there was no school on Friday and you still haven't bought a couple of those little Valentine's Day boxes for your kids.  So an hour and 45 minutes before pick up time you decide in your ultimate wisdom that this is the right time to get said boxes plus some candy to go with.  Cause let's face it, you have to give SOMETHING besides a card because all the other kids parents are giving candy, pencils, stickers, bikes....okay maybe not bikes.  Much to your chagrin, there are no boxed Valentine's and you have to claw your way to what is left of the good candy.  When you decide you have had enough, you make your way to the registers, where you are cut off by The Rude Family.  The Rude Girl who isn't in school, is particularly rude and snotty.  No, I already know they are in the wrong.  The cashier announces she is closed and that the next one over will take care of us.  Rude family pushes to the front.  Their we stand for an eternity.  Why?  Because this checker was not open at all.  We were then sent to another.  Rude family B-lines it and tries to take out  your cart and your kid at the same time.  Wow.  You all need to get a life.  This is the Dollar Tree folks.  Totally annoyed and ready to 'accidentally' mow them down, you begrudgingly move to yet another line.  This is where you meet Crazy  Lady. You don't know she is crazy...YET... but you have your suspicions.  Crazy Lady turns to your sister and says, "watch my stuff I will be right back."  You didn't hear this by the way.  When it is finally your turn, the cashier is ringing up Crazy Lady's stuff.  "That's not her stuff!" your sister says.  Just as you are about to hand over your 4 items to crazy lady's 100, she is back announcing it is her stuff, and she is back.  Dumbfounded, you are not sure what to do.  Then your mom says, "You shouldn't have left."  crazy lady defends that they would take her stuff back.  Mom is getting hot under the collar now--don't cross a mom ever, "We are on a schedule, we have to pick up kids from school."  To which crazy lady looks at you and says, "Well I have a psychiatric appointment, I think that is more important."  Oh really!?  Tell me, who is in the wrong.

Scenario #2:  You are in pick up mode the next day.  Child A needs to pee, but you still have 2 more kids to collect at the other school.  To save you from a golden flood you drive over to the Dollar Tree--it's across from that school you are picking up kids B&C.  As you are driving through the parking lot, you notice a car is backing out.  You honk.  Car keeps coming.  You honk a second time.  At that moment you see that the driver witch sees you.  Witch lady continues to back out of her place.  You lay on the horn.  Witch lady still backs out.  You swerve to avoid being hit and almost cause another accident in the process.  Who is in the wrong here.

Scenario #3 This is tied to the second.  After child A has taken care of her business you all pile back into your car and make your way back to the other school to pick up children B&C.  There is a big SUV on your tail.  You are driving only slightly less than the prescribed 25 mph since A) there are children present and B) you are currently looking for a place to park.  SUV is almost inside your car at this point.  Finally you are able to pull over.  SUV takes off like you have been going a mere 2 miles an hour the whole time.  Who is in the wrong here.

Not that any of these things happened to me last week.  I am just giving an example and asking a simple question.


Picture of the Day
Purple roses from hubby, because purple means:  Love at first sight.


mormonhermitmom said...

AARRRRRGH! Yes they are ALL in the wrong, unfortunately there are no laws against rudeness. All you can do is chant "what goes around, comes around,".

If Crazy Lady is truly crazy, then by all means back away! It might be catching.

Carolynn said...

I did not know that about purple roses.

You learn something new everyday.

Janiece said...

hehehee...I am stressed out by just reading about your couple of days.

The roses are beautiful!

Visit me for a little gift.

elzimmy said...

All three scenarios are good examples of why I dislike most people.

Pretty roses, don't think I've ever seen any that color!

Lene said...

Stupid people make my head hurt.

Christina Lee said...

HMMMM... it's really hard to decide--hee hee. Love the purple roses!

Emmy said...

Wow, you had a run in with a lot of crazies last week it sounds like.

I hate when people drive too fast in school zones.

And well that ladies' psychiatric appointment might be more necessary otherwise we never know what she might do to everyone in the store. ;)

Tracie said...

Those are beautiful flowers!

KK said...

Aw, gorgeous roses. I miss roses. Sorry, ok these are all reasons to avoid the Dollar Store!!! :)

Holly said...

I never expect much more than scenarios like the one you describe when I go to the Dollar Tree! They were all wrong! Pretty roses!

I am Harriet said...

I think I was at The Dollar Tree on the same day :)

Stopping by from SITS to say hello.
Have a great day!