Thursday, January 7, 2016

Weekly Check In: New Years

It's January and most people are making New Year's Resolutions to lose weight and start anew. These are all great and fantastic things! I support you in your journey! It's a long road ahead. I gained 3.8 pounds over the holidays. The fun is over and I am back on my routine. I have already lost 1.4 of what I gained. It's all good. 

How am I doing it?  Weight Watchers.  This is how I choose to take my journey. It works for me. The best part about this program is there is nothing I cannot have. That being said, I do not indulge every day for if I did I would not have the picture above to demonstrate how far I've come. Am I strictly doing Weight Watchers(eating a certain way)? No, I am also moving more...oh that darn word anyway. I do yoga! 

All right, so it is not like that, but if you would like to know who I follow her name is Adrienne and I think she is great. She is the right level of cheery, explains everything exceptionally well and her videos are for the beginner to the advanced "yogi."  

Here's my other super secret...are you ready?  While I do still "indulge" from time to time, it is not an all the time thing. I rarely eat anything sugary anymore. Hint: if it is high in fat, calories, and sugar I will likely turn it down because chances are it is unworthy of my love. Let's be honest, I might love the food but it is not going to love me back. 

I will report back each week on my journey, struggles and successes because that is what this all about. What are you doing in 2016?


Emmy said...

Good for you! And really the more you stay away from treats the less you crave them. You can do it!

Laura Lynn said...

Nice job! You look Great! I do 30 days of Yoga with Adriene.