Friday, January 8, 2010


I had an appointment with the dermatologist yesterday.  Yeah, I live in CA so I get to have all the perks.  No, nothing that glamorous.  I have a
lovely mole on the side of my nose.  We had to make sure it wasn't pre-cancerous.  How glamorous is that?  It's not.  It's just a mole that I hate.  It won't kill me, or cause damage.  It will just bug me.  Stupid mole.  I digress.

The first part of this appointment was a 30 minute seminar.  We all learned about the different types of moles and what to look out for.  Okay, first of all, if I had any of the unsightly moles I saw in those pictures, I would not hesitate to go to the doctor.  But that is just me.

After the seminar, we all waited to be seen.  Their were less than 10 people, but even so he did get to every one in a timely manner.  This is where my eavesdropping comes in.  During the seminar, the doctor talked about creams, yes creams that they are now using for mole removal for certain kinds of moles.  I can't possibly tell you what type of moles.  If you have a mystery mole that looks odd, go to the doctor.  There are two creams they use together.  One is to kill the mole in question, it does however cause a burning sensation and can be painful, but it leaves no scarring.  The other cream is a vitamin A cream that basically rejuvenates the skin.  I get to use that!  It's a bit costly, but you can get it at either the Wal-mart pharmacy or Costco for the cheapest price.  One man in the waiting room was talking to a woman about Wal-mart.  I am a nosy person.  I listened.

According to him, Wal-Mart is evil.  Wal-mart will squash the mom and pop shops. Sure everything is cheap in there.  Nobody can compete with that. Sure they can.  ANYBODY can compete with good prices. He continued with the reason why things are so cheap there is because Wal-Mart gets everything from CHINA, and other such places:  Malaysia, Indonesia.  Well he has a point there, however, American made, while superior in quality is also far more expensive. He went on to say that they buy up land and property to build their stores.  Then the city will give them a tax break for five years.  Then, apparently they pack it up after 4 years--to evade taxes-- and move on.  Well, hmmmm...I lived in VA for six years and there were two of those evil stores close to my home...for the entire time.  And it didn't seem like they were going anywhere.  He said, sometimes it is tempting to go in there because the prices are so great, but he just couldn't do it, because and I quote, "I would feel like I was giving up my soul."  Yes, he said that.  More than once.  Three or for times I might add.

Look, I don't care if Wal-mart is evil.  I don't even care if half the employees have no clue what you are talking about when you ask where something is.   The fact is they have good prices.  Don't like them?  Then don't shop there.  But don't make a stink about the people who do.  And by the way, I was just there on Wednesday.  I got out of there only spending $50.  See, I don't think they're evil...but I do have a love-hate relationship with them!

Is Wal-Mart evil?  Do you think you're trading your soul for shopping there? 

Pictures of the day

This is my little piece of Fall.  It is my tree. Taken Nov. 14, 2009
Here is my tree as of yesterday.

And for those of you who were wondering...yes those pancakes were in fact BLUE. I always color my pancakes.


mormonhermitmom said...

Ah the Walmart haters! It's not just Walmart that gets tax breaks. Cabelas and lots of other big box stores do too. It's called politics. Politicians want to say they "created jobs", so they give tax breaks to stores that will come in, build, and hire cheap college student laborers and others.
I'm sure the cottage industries wailed when the Industrial Revolution got it's steam up too. Like it or hate it, it's hard to stop it.

Mamma Christine said...

Admittedly I am not a Walmart fan, but not for any political reasons. The people who work at my Walmart and the people who shop at my Walmart are always mean. I don't like putting on my my boxing gloves to go shopping, so I stick with Target. But, yes the prices are a bit higher that way.

Emmy said...

That first fall picture is so beautiful!!

My brother-in-law used to manufacture go-karts, and Walmart wanted to buy them and sell them.. and lets just say-- everything that happened supported the evil Walmart theory. Needless to say they didn't sell them there.
But I still shop there and always will.

Carolynn said...

ah..evil Walmart...are we still on for Wednesday?

KK said...

How funny! I can't stand Walmart and will pay more to go to Target, but it's all about the parking. They left all these trees in the parking lot, so the parking places are all really far away and all these trees are out front. Then they have 2 registers open for the 43697 people waiting in line. Its also at a bad bad bad intersection for me. So, if I lived near a different Walmart I might like that one!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I shop there even though everyone says how evil they are. People need to stay employed and I need stuff cheap and quickly and if they are open 24hrs like the one I live 3 miles away from, I will be there. That's just the way it is.

That man could sell his soul out to worse things = )


Holly said...

Walmart...I do not think it is evil. I know a lot of people who do for many reasons. I do not shop there a lot because it is not that close to my house...and the crowd that works and shops there is not friendly. I am all about customer service. I have been to Walmarts in the South and the people were much nicer.

Love the photos! Beautiful tree (in November).

Angi said...

Wal-mart, hmmm. There are so many things to day about it. I do shop there but it is not my first choice. It isn't easy to run in and out of. They make it that way so you will browse the magazines, candy, movies, drinks. That way you can buy more.

Their prices are better and on days when I have tons to get and all the time in the time in the world, I go there.

Look for people who are smiling while they check people out. They are the friendly ones.