Monday, December 13, 2010

The Status Quote

It is time once again for the Status Quote.  This is where we gather all those funny things people put on their FB or Twitter accounts.  We never include names or locations for privacy, but we always have lots of fun.  Join in the fun, don't have these types of accounts?   Worry not, simply sit back and see what folks are saying.  My comments are in green.
The 20 year veteran Santa at Macy's  gets canned - the very one we've visited every year. M.: "I can't believe you let me sit on that freakshow's lap all these years!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! If you know the'll recognize the daughter!!! OMG!  I can totally hear this from her daughter. She has taught her well.  I am a similar influence on my own kids! 
B is chasing the cat around yelling, "give me a hug! Give me a hug!" Poor kitty. She reminds me of Elmyra from Tiny Toons :) I remember her.  All the animals were terrified of her.  Hahaha.
Not enough chocolate in the world to help today. Is there ever really enough?
Had to fit the pool in today - Merry Christmas everyone!! Seriously no hating here, but there she was in her pool!  If I had one, I would be there too!  This weather rocks my world!
It's the start of a new week and Christmas just keeps getting closer! And closer and closer.
What would it be like to eat a bunch of food, have a big burp and them spit up a lot of your food right after eating?  A follow remark said something about throwing up a little in your mouth.  Either way...BLAH.  Soo very glad I am not a baby. listening to Junior sing his version of Hey Jude. "Hey, dude. No make a bed...Mr.Lennon got a good chuckle out that up above!
For real news story on the radio: Lady GaGa has decided to replace all of her undies with ones made of silk ... reportedly to the tune of 15K. Are u kidding me? This is newsworthy?  Ummm it's not.  And that is totally sick.  Why doesn't she do something actually useful with that 15K?
‎4 batches of Peanut Brittle...I'm on a sugar high. :)  I wish I was there with her! 

This one is a friend of a friend....
so I haven't been shopping all week due to illness. This morning I pack my kids white trash lunch (corn dog) in a breast milk storage bag. It says 'Mommy's Milk' on the front. So Zoey says 'Great, I can't wait for my friends to call me a titty baby today Mom, thanks I nearly peed myself laughing.  Hahaha.  Thanks for this one A.


Emmy said...

Lol! You got some great ones too! That last one is hilarious!! And one I recognize too :)

But you don't have Mr. linkey?? did it not work? or did you forget?

Ambrea said...

TOO funny! Glad you used one of mine! :)

mormonhermitmom said...

Can I say that last one had me running from the room?

Amy said...

Oh wow! Those are hilarious! Some people are just funny without even knowing it!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed before in my searches!
great post,i will add ur blog to my bookmark!

Christina Lee said...

OOOH I missed this one I guess!

hahahaha those are GREAT!! Love the Hey Jude one!