Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gettin' Random

Dancing with the Stars started last night!  Wow!  I am excited about this season.  And that is all I am saying about that.  If you all didn't love my recaps so much, I would probably just not do it.  It's hard work yo!  And I do not get paid for it.  Too bad too.  That would be a sweet gig.

What is this?  It's my new addiction!!!  Thanks a lot Emmy!  hahaha.  But I also have many others hooked too.  It's called "Draw Something" and it is like Pictionary.  It's really fun.  If you have a smart phone.  You have to play it. Oh and that is an iPad.  I had to text my sister and ask her what the heck it was.  How do you draw that anyway?  Yeah we all cheat and text each other.  We don't want to break our streaks!  I've noticed though that once you hit 99 it stops counting!  What!?  It should move back to zero.  Kind of like a speedometer.

Did you ever run out of gas?  I mean literally run out of gas?  To the point where your car choked, sputtered and quit right there?  Mine did that yesterday.   I was dead on the spot.  In the high school parking lot.  I had my hood up, my hazards it was 30 minutes before anyone asked if we were okay.  I got a few dirty looks.  I had a brief scare when after 2 gallons was poured into the tank it still choked and sputtered and refused to start.  You naughty car.  Finally, it started.  All is well.  And now there is gas in the tank...much more than 2 gallons!

So today I am going to lay low, do laundry and hopefully get my DWTS recap completed before midnight!!!  Who knows.  Then again.  I never do anything easy...so we shall see.


MiMi said...

I'm addicted to that game too.

Emily said...

I love Draw Something too!! So fun.

Nicole said...

I'm back in love with DWTS this season! Although I'm sad it's on Monday night while I"m in class so I have to record and watch it later.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I couldn't get that app to work right on my phone. :(

DWTS was a-mazing!

Ashley said...

Who are you rooting for this year in DWTS?!

mormonhermitmom said...

I read somewhere this might be the last season because younger viewers are watching something else? What have you heard?

Emmy said...

Oh no!! Running out of gas is one of my biggest fears so I hate it if the gas light even comes on-- I try not to let it get lower than half, though it usually does.

And I can't believe it took people so long to help!

And you are welcome :)