Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make Sure Their Happy

There are two people in this world who you want to be happy when you are sitting in their chair. You're hair dresser and you're hygienist. Do you really want to be sitting at the mercy or your hair dresser with your crown of locks while he/she is dealing with a family crisis? Or worse, at the mercy of your hygienist after a bad break up? Now I know that they know better than put that stress on you--at least I hope they do! But come on, wouldn't you rather have them in a good mood!?

I am not a good dental patient. In fact, I am a bad one. Now I don't bite or anything like that, although as a child I did. So the possibility exists that I could start that up again. In other words, don't make me angry. I take good care of my teeth. I floss, brush, and all that good for your mouth stuff. But to sit in that chair...excuse me...LIE DOWN in that chair, I am white knuckling it from start to finish. So when I went for my long overdue cleaning today, I knew it would not be pretty.

I wouldn't say that the hygienist was rough, but I won't say she was gentle either. Perhaps it was because it had been so long. A year and a half. Perhaps because she had a bad morning. I tried to relax. Legs crossed at the ankle, hands clasped tightly together over my stomach. Yep, I am completely calm. I only wanted to bolt a few times. Is it just me, or is it really unnerving the way they flip the scalers--you the know the hooky thingy--around in their hands like a six shooter!? And don't even get me started about the way it sounds in your head as they scrape and tug at your teeth. I was in her chair about 45 minutes. She checked for pockets when she decided I really didn't have any information...errr...after she finished cleaning my teeth. I had some 2's but mostly 3's and 4's. That is not terrible for 18 months without a checkup, but it is also not what you want to hear.

All in all it wasn't a horrifying appointment. I survived, and now I have 6 months to make the next visit an easier one. I think I will bring her flowers. On a lighter note, I get my haircut on Saturday. I sure hope she is in a good mood.

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Emmy said...

I sit/lie in the chair the exact same way. What bugs me is sometimes I wonder how much of what they are saying is true and how much they just want to get you in for more service! But I don't dare risk it, so there I go believing and following all they say :)