Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things To Do When You Are Bored

Not that we are ever bored, because as parents it's nearly impossible to be bored.  This list was created by my kids and can be used by your own kids if you so desire.  I thought it would be fun to share.

  1. write letters to yourself
  2. Send thank you notes to people you love
  3. Climb the sidewalk *
  4. Post funny missing dog picture
  5. turn your favorite book into a comic
  6. decorate a shoe box like you (use cutouts and drawings)
  7. Follow an ant
  8. Make a time capsule
  9. Build a birdhouse **
  10. Buy property on Mars +
  11. Neighborhood clean up
  12. Sell Pet Rocks
Yes, they actually set up a pet rock stand
And yes, they sold some.  8 for $2!  How about that!?

*  Climbing the sidewalk:  On your hands and knees and pretending you are using a rope to climb up!  Bonus...jump off the curb and pretend it is a cliff.
** I know you can do this with milk cartons
+  Make a certificate claiming your land.  Be as creative as you want.

What do you do when you get bored?

The winner of our Extravaganza is Suze from Suze's Corner.

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Linda Medrano said...

If I'm bored, I do mean things to my husband.

MiMi said...

HAHAHAHA, Linda's comment cracks me up. LOL!

blueviolet said...

Oh how I miss that kind of imagination! When I'm bored, I take a nap. That is boring!

Amy said...

What fun things. I really wish it were warm here so we could play outside.

Rachel said...

What kid doesn't enjoy selling rocks?! haha FUN!

Cherie said...

Ohhhhhh to be bored. Just let me be bored for one minute!!!

Cute pet rocks - ha ha - I had one of THE pet rocks when I was 11 - Hee Hee

Emmy said...

That is seriously so awesome that they sold some! And yes I saw the bored list in action today when we were there, such a good idea

Rachel Sue said...

Pet rock stand, HA! Now that is some creativity.

Laura said...

HAHAHA I can't believe they sold some, that's great. Maybe I should try this for some extra income... :)

Christina Lee said...

YES---- I love it! How precious. And thank u cards--eek gotta get on it!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I might need this list tomorrow as we're expecting snow again. :(

Suzanne M said...

Love it! I remember being a little kid and learning very quickly to never say the word bored around my mom. I would quickly be assigned a chore to do. :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I was so excited to find out I was the winner!

Joy said...

How creative!!! I love their pet rock stand.