Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

I went walking with Emmy yesterday.  It's a good thing too, because I have been being careless lately.  And it will catch up!  Back to basics.  It's also good to go walking with her because we have lots of fun doing it.

I hate May.  It's Sweeps.  Cliff hangers.  Screamer endings.  What the H E double toothpicks are you people doing to me!  Now I have to wait 4 months to wait and see what happens next!  Unacceptable.

Ryan got a split lip yesterday.  He got into a fight with a swing.  The swing won.  He is fine.  Just a tiny little mark.  The teacher said he didn't even cry.

May is flying by.  The year so far has been going at a nice pace.  Last year I remember feeling like it was passing by me and I was running to catch up to it.  I haven't felt that until now.  May is just zooming by.  School is almost over.  Proms have been held.  End of school activities are taking place.  It's just been this month though.

I just got through watching DWTS.  Man.  Basically it comes down to this: Mark and Chelsea vs. Hines and Kym for the mirror ball trophy and Ralph and Karina vs. Kirstie and Maks to make it to the finals.  It's hard.  Voting was not an easy thing for me.  But I did.  Voting matters.

Crystal Light makes an awesome flavor:  Cherry Limeade.  Yum!  Seriously go and buy it.  You will thank me.  You can also add diet 7up to it.  oooh! Doesn't that sound good?  You're welcome.  I was not paid to say all that.  I am just stating a random and true fact.

What's random in your day?


Nicole said...

we're just now getting where we can drink drinks like crystal light. Yum... it beats just plain water all the time :)

And I voted last night. I think you're right about the mirror ball trophy. I'm not sure who out of the other two will make elimination tonight. But I voted last night.

MiMi said...

I'm going to have to try that Cherry Limeade with 7 Up. Sounds really good! And a nice treat that isn't filled with calories.
I need to walk. UGH.

mormonhermitmom said...

Walking! That's what I haven't been doing.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment on Shell's post. She really shared a wonderful part of motherhood in her piece!

I love watching the semifinals last night. I think next week's show should be amazing.

Linda Medrano said...

I am so tired of rain! Where is our Spring? What is up with this weather. Alex is leaving on a trip again, and it's raining in So Cal too. Give me a break! This is Sunny Cali! I'm more inclined to drink hot chocolate in this mess than anything cold!

Emmy said...

It isso fun walking- I just wish we would have started sooner. The basics are so important- but not much fun :)

Amy said...

May is disappearing. Seriously, where did it go? Remember being just a little kid and time went at a snail's pace? I think I want some of that back.