Friday Five: Back to School

Emmy Mom

So it is Friday and I am playing along with my bestie, Emmy and her Friday Five where you share five thoughts and five pictures.

1. School is back in session for the kids and it feels like summer just started. My oldest is in the process of registering for BYUI (online). We have a few more steps before the process is complete. As for me, I am still trucking along to earn my degree. I want to be done so bad. The finish line is coming up.

2.  Been watching the Olympics.  I like diving, gymnastics, swimming and that is about it. What are your go to events?

3.  Finding work is hard when you haven't done it in almost ten years. 

4.  We have only been to the beach once this summer. That is unusual for us. 

5.  I need time to stand still for a while so that I can catch up on things like sleep.

Sometimes I see weird stuff when I am out and about...this was one of the weirdest. 

Now that's a roll back!
Hello Darkness my old friend...(back to school)
He really got brave. The water was mostly calm so that helped.
Signs by my artist Emily. I can't believe how much they have grown. 


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