Five Things: Five Brains, Cars, and Cosplay

Emmy Mom

AWOL or MIA call it what you want, but I am back. Life throws curve balls, crap storms, and all other things horrible. When it does, you just have to look for the rainbows and silver linings. Today I am playing along with my bestie Emmy and her Friday Five link up!

1.  My van started acting funny. It had no giddyup. I took it into a shop recommended to me. I thought it was the transmission. It wasn't. Instead, it turned out to be the catalytic converter. These are very expensive because they are made up of precious metals such as gold and platinum. However, it still didn't explain the $1,000 price tag on the labor. My niece's boyfriend is a mechanic he explained that they probably would have to take apart the suspension to get to the cat. He also said that the car is likely not worth saving. Oh goody. Silver lining and rainbow: he is looking at some places to fix it cheaper, and he knows a dealership that is taking any car no matter what condition for 3K. I have two cars I can offer. Does that mean 6K? Doesn't hurt to ask. 

2.  My son is afraid of cops. I blame the media. We see these images of cops abusing their power, shooting people, beating them and it is terrible. I love cops. My BIL was a cop. He is a teacher now. It just saddens me how they are portrayed. How any person is portrayed through the media.

3.  Sometimes I have too many brains. I think of things I would like to write. I worry about everything. Especially stuff I don't have any control over. I guess I like that. The stress you know.

4.  Kristin is officially in BYUI now. It is online. She is starting with two courses as that is all we could afford. After she receives her Associates Degree we are going to work toward sending her to the actual university to obtain her Bachelor's. 

5.  We celebrated "Supernatural Day." Supernatural is our favorite TV show. It's been on the air for 11 years and is headed into year 12. It's a good show with everything. I mean everything. They push the boundaries whenever they can. This show had God in it! Plus the main characters have died thousands of times. Literally. It's quite a show.

Time for pictures

Our tribute to Supernatural
I made pie on Supernatural day because one of the main characters love pie and because PIE!
Poor Kristin being crammed into the back of the Mercedes. No room for a tall person.
Spa day at home. Man that stuff was sticky!
Kristin's latest cosplay. "Harlequinn" from Suicide Squad.

That's all folks!


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