Friday FIve: Anxiety and Red Dye

Emmy Mom

I made it back! If I only blog once a week, it is a start. Of course, it is Emmy who is bringing me back. 

1.  Anxiety is a terrible thing. It is very real. You cannot see it, and it is also hard to describe. I want to write about this more. I have a feeling I would either go off on a tangent or I would derail...a lot. I still want to talk about it here.

2.  School is back in session and we are finishing up week two. No major dramas so far. The hardest part is pick up because it has been so hot and there is space of about 30 minutes between the two pick up times.

3.  The Olympics are winding down, and I am still just a couch potato while they excel to the absolute extreme. I do get excited for the ones who medal for the first time. 

4.  I have been in a funk lately, and I am working to turn that around. 

5.  Ryan's schedule has changed at least three times in these first two weeks of school. Not really a drama, more of a bother. However, he has taken it like a champ and has been able to adapt to it well. This is huge for him. 

Always Keep Fighting. This campaign is championed by Supernatural star Jared Padalecki who deals with anxiety and depression himself. He launched the campaign after losing a friend to suicide. 
I got to be one of the girls! They even wanted me to go to the mall with them. Sadly I had to decline as I had to pick up kids.

When your Weight Watchers Leader plays Pokemon Go, she will doodle on the poster of her meeting room! She is awesome.
My cat thinks he is human. He wanted was I having. At least he was polite.

When your daughter does cosplay there is a high probability for Rit Dye to be in your sink. Her latest creation is Harley Quinn, and my sink looked like a blood bath. 


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