Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five: Zoo, Virtual Reality and Big Wine

Emmy Mom

     I am linking up with my bestie (again) because Emmy will get me blogging again. Today is Friday Five where we share five thoughts and five pictures. That's easy right?  Well then, let's get this rodeo started.

1.  We went to the zoo. It was for Emily's birthday. Originally she wanted Disneyland, but that was way out of our budget. Thankfully when I mentioned the zoo her eyes lit up and we bought (through the military) season passes and we can go back. It covers the regular zoo and the safari park. Good investment.

2.  I learned about a new cooking show. Worst Cooks in America. Oh my goodness this show is hilarious. For me, not knowing how to cook--and these people do not know how to cook it is sad--is a foreign and unknown concept. How can a person not know how to cook?  One person actually sent her spouse to the ER because she didn't realize you could not leave food out all day. All right, my mom worked in a hospital so I got all kinds of food pro tips, but come on that one seems pretty easy.
Can you cook? What is the extent of your knowledge?

3.  I made a discovery today. My brand new belt which I bought to hold up my shorts/jeans that are loose but not too loose is now too big even on the smallest notch. I need to add notches! Go me! 33 pounds down and counting! I am such a LOSER! hahahaha.

4.  My week overall has been mostly uneventful...this is a good thing.

5.  The 4th of July I did a 5K with my church and made a nice BBQ dinner and stayed home. No fireworks for us. We watched all of the Back to the Future movies on Netflix instead. It was great!

Picture time.

One of many zoo pictures. I had fun.

Ryan did this pose on his own. I love this kid.

I played monopoly against Kristin. She said I would lose. She was wrong.
I do not drink, but I have friends who do. This struck me as very funny.
Ryan got to try virtual reality. He really liked it.

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Emmy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! As you probably noticed I don't actually do the link-up with my Friday 5 anymore, I am glad you "linked up" though still :) Zoo passes are great! We had the passes for a year, so much fun. That cooking show sounds funny, might have to check it out.