Monday, January 10, 2011

Status Quote--January


 I have been gathering up status updates since before Christmas.  I have loved the things people say.  I saw one today that said: What did we do before FB was invented?  Well we certainly didn't have The Status Quote!!  If you have never played, it's really easy.  Just collect all the funny, strange, and silly things your friends post.  No names or locations.  Just lots of fun.  Link up and play along.  The link will be up for a week.
How do you lose an umbrella? Set it on a porch and let the wind...or a person take it. Weird part is, my bigger and better umbrella was next to it. Okay that one was me.  It was just odd.  I really think the wind took it.
Made chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps with daughter, listening to Christmas classics by Bing if it wasn't 70 degress, I'd really be in the Christmas mood! Oooh sounds perfect to me.
I have a new appreciation for the adult voices on Charlie Brown. I'm pretty sure that's how I sound to my kids when I talk to them. That or they only hear select words:  cookies, ice cream, money, shopping.  etc.
I'd just like to thank all the lovely people at the apple store and apple care for the awesome customer service...NOT! NOT! NOT! But tell us how you really feel.
Dear teenagers,
In the past I have always listened to my gut feelings and done the best to parent with love. I have come to realize this is crap. HAHAHAHA!  I am going to frame this one.
So apparently in June the DMV sent a letter to an old address saying that I had too many points and had to pay a yearly fee. Yeah, come to find out, my license has been suspended since July 30th. It doesn't matter that no one told me! Ugh. Its fixed now. Still sucks though. Don't even get me started on the DMV!  I could write a book.
Customer: Is this the real price of this? Me: No. Sometimes we play a little game called "The price is wrong" just to see who complains.  I want to work with you!
"I wish everyone would stop saying great weather for ducks. It's a stupid saying. I saw some ducks today and they were sheltering under some trees" This one comes from the land down under. 
...just made a cinnamon-pecan-sour cream coffee cake. I may skip the jam session and hang out in the kitchen with a fork. One for me please!
Wait, I forgot to list something huge I'm thankful for on thanksgiving. DR. PEPPER! Diet coke for me!  We don't even have to share. :P
Is this how the new year is gonna be....I was sucked into watching Jersey Shore (I have avoided it until now) - that is 10 minutes of my life I shall never recover from...but then moved on to Sister Wives - it was far less offensive than Jersey Shore. Oh late night TV! What?  You didn't like that fine quality acting and deep story telling?
Uh, Press Secretary Gibbs is, uh, stepping down, uh, so, uh, we won't have to, uh, listen to his, uh, eloquent way of, uh, presenting the, uh, President's agenda. This is starting out to be a good year! I uh, just wish uh, that I uh, could have uh, heard this person, uh speak, uh to truly uh appreciate this. 
Fed the missionaries tonight. Asked if they were allergic to anything... One elder says, my girl friend says commitment. That is too funny! Oh to be at that table!  I love to pick on the Missionaries. 
Note to vegetarians: My food poops on your food. Enjoy that salad! :) I always thought  those were bacon bits!
I don't understand why everyone says mandarin Chinese is the hardest language to learn. little kids over there are completely fluent. And I know some people who lived here their who lives and have absolutely no concept of the English language.


Emmy said...

Lol! That vegetarian one is hilarious! As is your comment. Too funny!

Christina Lee said...

oooh good ones-love your commentary! I want to frame the teen one too!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Yeah, I love the vegetarian one.

Nikki said...

LOL those are hilarious! veg one especially cause I used to be one! :)

MiMi said...

That charlie brown one is SOOOO true!

mormonhermitmom said...

Those poor vegetarians....snerk!

Anonymous said...

My 3 faves are the teenagers, Charlie Brown, and vegetarian. Your replies are funny, too.

blueviolet said...

Great weather for ducks? Who says that? I've never even heard it!

Amy said...

I am vegetarian, but man alive, that one was funny!

Linda Medrano said...

Your comments had me snorting. Snorting diet coke too.

mintifresh said...

Charlie Brown and the vegetarian best of all, hands down!

Cheeseboy said...

My one goal in writing Facebook status updates is to make your list. Alas, I have failed for this month. I shall try again though.

Love the Charlie Brown one.

Imaginative Me said...

That Charlie Brown one is funny, but the vegetarian one actually had me rolling! Do you do this blog hop thing often? I love the idea, but don't have the time this week.

Sandra said...

Was just telling Emmy what a great Meme this is! I'll have to remember to join up next week!