Thursday, December 2, 2010

J is for....

It's back to school with Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny's place.  And today the letter is J.  J just so happens to be the letter of the week in Ryan's class.  J is his middle initial and mine.  Hey, and J is my dad's middle initial too!  And I have a nephew named Jason. 

Ryan has a book about the letter J.  It goes like this:

The Jeep has wheels.
The Jet has wings.
The Jacket has pockets.
The jungle has animals.
The jar has jellybeans.  How many?

Each page has a picture to go with it.  He rarely colors them, but he does circle the letter as I am sure he is instructed to do. 

Another thing that starts with J is jewelry.  No reason.  Just thought I'd throw that out there!

Jenny Matlock

And now back to two truths and a lie!  Do you remember what mine were?  It was two weeks ago.  I said:  I will not put cranberry sauce on my turkey.  Candied yams are my favorite.  And I will gorge myself on rolls.

Well I could totally gorge myself on rolls since I LOVE them.  My moms candied yams are the bomb!  And well cranberry sauce on turkey?  Really?  The truth is... I refused until this year to have cranberry sauce on my turkey.  I tried was cran-raspberry actually.  And it was tasty.  The rolls....oh my gosh those rolls.  Sooo good!  I could have, but I wasn't going to, and I didn't. moms...are perhaps my favorite.  Candied yams are either hated or loved.  But if you don't like them, it's because you haven't tried hers!  Yummy.  Ever since I was a kid it was my favorite.

If I had the means I would:

Get a nose job
Go to some place tropical
Get a butt lift



Emmy said...

Lol! Guessing the butt lift is the lie.

And your moms candied yams are AMAZING!

mle said...

haha Love your last J word best!! Glad you threw it out there. no reason needed - maybe I'll try that one too : )

darn! I missed on the cranberry lie.
well, if you are anything like me you'd lift all kinds of other things before you got around to your butt...

The Drama Mama said...

Jewelry is NICE. Ha.

I'm guessing #1 is your lie.

beemii said...

I'm gonna guess number 2 is your lie...Found your Blog on 2 truths and a lie Thursday=)

Sue said...

I'm gonna guess go to someplace tropical!


Linda Medrano said...

Tahiti anyone? Uh, yeah!

Tammy said...

I am going to guess that getting a butt lift would be your lie.

Who wouldn't wanna go someplace tropical? YES PLEASE!! :)

Amy said...

Jewelry and a tropical vacation. Now you have me dreaming!

Jackie said...

Hi I'm from Alphabe Thursday. I love Jasons book on the letter J .

I don't play in that other meme but I'd probably say getting a nose job would be a lie :)

mormonhermitmom said...

I can see you going someplace tropical, I can't see you getting surgery of any kind, but I could be wrong!

blueviolet said...

Amen to a butt lift. (Not for you, because I've never seen your booty, but I'm up for it...actually I'm down and that's the problem.)

Ok, shutting up now.

Nicole said...

My maiden name begins with a J :)

Jamie said...

Yea for the letter J! (And for Jewelry-do you really need a reason to mention it? didn't think so!)

I think the butt lift is a lie, don't know you personally-so it's hard to really say. But doesn't everyone want to get away-especially in the middle of a cold winter? And I can think of other places to be lifted before the behind, but maybe that's just me :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Did someone mention jewelry?

House On Beach Street said...

I like beaded jewelry and I'd go somewhere tropical so I'm guessing you would too.

RNSANE said...

I could certainly go for the butt lift, err, more like a butt excision. At 66, I've more than enough to bid a good bit adieu.

I'm Georgia born and bred though I've lived in the San Francisco area 34 years now. My yams are petty good, too. I don't do the marshmallow thing but I put a little bourbon in them - and pure cane syrup and top them with chopped pecans, butter, brown sugar - a streusal-like topping. They are wonderful. I do like homemade cranberry sauces with my turkey. I have a variety of great recipes.

Judie said...

My husband only likes the jellied cranberry sauce that comes in a can! Can you believe that???

Holly said...

I could do the J thing ere with both kids names...and grandparents...

Jewelry...does hubby read the blog????

Hmmm...I like all my food separate - I am weird.

I'll go with the butt lift as the lie.

Rachel Sue said...

I didn't like anything cranberry until I had my first bladder infection. (TMI?) And while I still don't love straight up cranberry sauce on my turkey, I love cranberry aioli sauce on turkey sandwiches. Nothing better.

Jo said...

jewellery ... now that's a great J!!!

Sailing Simply said...

Enjoyed your J post. Those kindergarten books are so simple and cute aren't they?
Interesting additional party on this post. I've never heard of it, sounds like fun. My guess would be your lying about getting a butt lift. LOL!

Jenny said...

J. J is for "jhe, jhe, jhe"

What a cute post!

I still can't get on your blog from my computer and I miss visiting here. I have to wait until the wee hours to sneak onto my husbands work computer just so I can come and visit you.

But it's always wonderfully worth it.

Thanks for linking to AT.

You are such a joy!