Sunday, November 28, 2010

Must See Christmas TV

It is that time of year when our favorite Christmas specials start appearing one after another.  And if you are anything like me, you have your favorite must sees!  Now let your inner child out for a moment.  It's okay...the kids are in school.  They won't see.  ;)  Personally I have many.  I realized this when I went searching for them.  I am only going to share a few clips of my faves, then some pics.  I don't want to overwhelm anyone.  Plus we must remember to put the inner child back. *Ahem*

First on my must see list is:  A Charlie Brown Christmas.  For some reason this one comes to my mind first.  I've watched it every year since I was a little kid.  Maybe the reason it is my favorite is because it actually puts emphasis on the birth of the Savior.  Therefore, my favorite clip has to be this one, where Linus explains what Christmas is all about.

Then on the complete and total opposite end of the Christmas Spectrum, the very next in line is Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.  This one just makes me feel like a kid inside.  I love the island of misfit toys.  More specifically, the Charlie in the Box!  And I don't know about you, but I always wanted the spotted Elephant and of course the dollie.  But that is not the clip I chose.  I chose the meeting of Herbie the Elf and Rudolph.  Despite not having any spiritual message, Rudolph still teaches us to love one another no matter what our differences may be.

Now this next one is not a childrens movie.  I believe a child would be bored.  But must of us grown ups love this wonderfully acted classic about a man frustrated with his life and being stuck.  What a WONDERFUL lesson he is taught when he learns what life for others would be like if he had never been born.  For without George Bailey, those he knows and loves are much worse off having not ever had him their lives.  Its A Wonderful Life, is a beautiful movie.  I highly recommend it.

For me, Christmas is not complete without this next one.  I love this timeless piece about a boy and a dream.  And about all of his misadventures as he schemes and plans to get that one special present on "beautiful glorious Christmas the day around which the entire kid year revolved!"  Raise your hand if you just leave the TV on TBS during the marathon!  I give you, "A Christmas Story"  PS  Don't shoot your eye out!

A Christmas Carol has been reincarnated too many times to count.  And even though I enjoy its many different depictions there is none that will even come close to "Scrooge."  Not "Scrooged" with Bill go further back in the sands of time to 1951 when old Ebeneezer was portrayed masterfully by character actor Alastair Sim.  I love every single minute of this version.  If you haven't seen this, it is a must.  Preferably in the classic black and white, but if color is all you can find, then color it is.   Two of my favorite scenes are:  when Marley comes to Scrooge to warn him.  His (Michael Hordern as Marley) theatrics are fabulous.  And when Scrooge wakes up and realizes it is still Christmas and he is, "light as a feather!"
Other favorites of mine include:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas-- the cartoon and the live action with Jim Carrey.

The Santa Clause Trilogy

Miracle on 34th Street the original with Natalie Wood. 

What are your must see Christmas specials?  Did I miss any?

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Nikki said...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Lourie! I love the Grinch too! and yes you are missing Christmas Vacation! (with the Griswalds) and I love watching the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies, they are so happy and fun to watch with a nice warm chai and a blanket:)

ps Your soap is going in the mail today! :)

blueviolet said...

You sure picked some goodies here. I watched It's A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, and Christmas in Connecticut on Thanksgiving. It was so much fun!

Emmy said...

You did pick some good ones. One I would add is The Christmas Card. It is a Halmark channel one that I just really like

Rachel said...

Well, I'm all excited to watch Christmas movies now!!!

Linda Medrano said...

Bad Santa? Naw! Actually, I only watched about 10 minutes of that and turned it off. I love all the oldies that you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I also like the one that had the Heat Mizer in it. I can't remember the name. Good list!

Amy said...

I love this time of year and those great classics! One of my favorites is A Christmas Carol... it is a musical, and was voted the worst version of it ever made. It is truly horrible and makes me laugh the whole way through. In fact, every year we have a Christmas party and watch that with our friends. It has become a tradition that all (I flatter myself here) look forward to. :) I wish I could tell you who was in it. The guy who plays Obi Wan (from the original Star Wars) is Marley, and the guy from Big Fish (the dad) is Mr. Scrooge.

Christina Lee said...

YES! A Christmas Story (You'll shoot your eye out kid)!

Jenny said...

I love these movies, too. Although I think November Christmas (Hallmark!) might be my new favorite classic! Wow!

mormonhermitmom said...

I'll take the animated Grinch thank you. :)

Cherie said...

I love all of these movies - I think I have watched most of them already in the last few weeks but I will be watching them again!
I love all the really old Christmas movies too like: White Christmas and Holiday Inn.
Oh and two newer ones that I love and own that I have already watched several times are ELf - soooo funny and The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz!

rashid1891 said...

A Christmas Carol has been reincarnated too many times to count. And even though I enjoy its many different depictions there is none that will even come close to "Scrooge." Not "Scrooged" with Bill Murray.