Monday, March 12, 2012

TSA-X-Ray Machines

I found this video on Facebook the other day.  You will have to turn the sound least I did. 

Here is my take.  First of all, the images are questionable at best.  Is this what they really look like?  I haven't traveled since they brought these out.  I am kind of geeky.  I think it would be cool.  Kind of like new age, and super spy.  But it's kind of hard to be a super spy in an airport full of people who have to do the exact same thing.  It's also even harder when we are being told our rights as American citizens are being taken away from us.  And this is where I get my panties in a wad.

After 9/11, Rich was transferred to Washington DC.  He was part of Homeland Security.  And later was part of the Terrorist Screening Center.  We lived on a military base which was guarded by MP's who had arms the size of tree trunks and carried weapons.  They did random inspections of vehicles and if your car wasn't properly stickered or you didn't have your ID you got inspected.  I didn't protest.  I didn't feel my rights were taken away.  I felt safe.  I felt sheltered in my little world.  I brought them popsicles in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter.  

When we were asked to take off our shoes, dump our belongings in bins(at the airports), and all that pain in the butt stuff did I gripe?  No.  I got panicky that I wasn't doing it fast enough for the people behind me. And I worried that I didn't do it the right way.  But again, I felt safe.    My rights?  I have a right to feel safe when I travel.  

The X-ray machine and pat-downs.  I have done neither.  However, the x-ray machine is, as I understand it a random thing right now.  My BF got picked coming and going!  Just her luck.  Mine would be the same.  I would have to do it.  I have already been X-rayed so many times in my life that I am surprised I don't glow in the dark.  I don't think my rights are being taken away because I have a right to feel safe when I travel.  

When Rich made Chief he flew from DC to CA.  He was in CA for a month. His plane tickets back somehow got messed up and had to be changed on the same day. Well, that puts up red flags.  And of course he knew this.  He was pulled out, and his bags were inspected and it took him forever to get checked in to fly back home.  Did he pull rank?  Come on he worked for TSC at the time!  No.  Did he yell about his rights? No.  In fact, when they saw his ID they began apologizing.  He told them to do their job. 

As for pat downs, my mom has to be wanded and patted down by a female security guard.  She has two full knee replacements.  They are metal.  She sets off the security alarms at stores.  The guards have always been very gracious and kind with her.  

I do not feel am losing my rights.  I do feel  I have the right to be safe when I  travel.  I do not lay blame on the TSA for "making" me go through that X-ray machine.  I lay the blame where it belongs.  The blame is on the terrorists.  The ones who plotted against our country.    

What  do you think?  Are our rights being squelched, or do we have the right to feel safe?


MiMi said...

In order to maintain security, I'll do it. I won't gripe unless I see the TSA laughing at me. LOL

becca said...

I don't have a problem with the system i do have a problem with some folks taking their authority to far in how they treat people. like point in case getting rude or pushy when elderly people take longer to get their shoes off i mean seriously people they aren't as flexible as they use to be or when they are rough with children. I like that they take percausions and I'll gladly follow the rules to feel safe but please have respect when doing it don't abuse the authority you are given. just my opinion

Emily said...

Here's my beef with TSA. And this is a very recent opinion. I used to be think more along the lines as you.

First of all, the full body scan in the Salt Lake airport isn't setup to look like you have a choice about going in it or not. Your other option would be a full pat down. In some cases, like with me, you get both for who knows what reason.

Second, I had three items taken from my suitcase because they exceeded the 3.5 oz limit. The bottles weren't even full, so they may not have weighed 3.5 oz, but they didn't bother checking it out. They just took it and threw it away.

The problem I have with all of this is that they still let me on the plane. If they had to pat me down AFTER going thru the full body scan clearly I looked like a threat. If I was trying to bring suspicious items on the plane that had to be confiscated clearly I should've been looked at more carefully.

But no they let me proceed despite all that and the reason they did is because I wasn't a threat. And they knew it. Instead all that was accomplished was that I ended up having to buy more toiletries.

They need to profile people instead of following generic rules. If someone looks suspicious search them. I'm all for being safe but we need to use our brains a bit and profile passengers instead of just treating everyone like a robot.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm fine with the x-rays, pat downs, shoes, etc. but what I really, really hate is the liquid limit. I find it incredibly inconvenient, and I despise being forced to pay $3 for a pop in the airport when I could have brought along my own.

Emmy said...

It is a tough one-- I think I would much rather do the x-ray than the pat down any day and would definitely want the same for my kids.
I am the same way about worrying if I am going fast enough, etc. I think I always look so busy and my arms so full that they take pity on me and just practically let me through.

mormonhermitmom said...

Ah here, I must disagree with you. I object to the notion that my buying an airplane ticket is probable cause for a search of my person and possessions. If I were to smell of chemicals then yes, there would be probable cause to check me for explosives. If the outline of my bag suggested a weapon, then yes there would be probable cause to go through my luggage. But to be searched because I am presumed guilty until proved otherwise, is a direct violation of the Constitution - that of protection against unwarranted search and seizures. Are the terrorists ultimately to blame, yes. But the politicians fear the thought of being soft on terrorism to the point that they will take away precious freedoms to look "tough". We won't ever get the kind of freedom to travel again that we used to. Once a freedom is taken away, it's just too convenient for the power hungry to maintain that control. I'm sure the terrorists are laughing at us.

Nicole said...

Yeah I'm the chipper one who goes through airport security and laughs when I have to get patted down/wanded or searched. Heck I got it on my honeymoon and told the security guard that not many people can say they got the pat down on their way to their honeymoon. She laughed at me and told me I was too chipper for 5:45am. I told her I just got married and I was running on lack of sleep. When she was done I thanked her (it was the bobbypins in my hair that set it off) and went on about my business. And I learned to wear easy to get on shoes going through airport security.

In December when I flew to Ft. Worth TX I went through in shorts, my shirt and socks and then changed into my jeans that were covered in metal brads after I sent them through the conveyor belt. :)

Anonymous said...

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