Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time For Random Silliness

I am ready for Spring.  It keeps giving us previews but then winter comes back and laughs at us.  But winter, I am over you.  I am ready to part ways. Besides, Daylight Savings has come so that means it really is time for you go.  So POOF!  Be gone!

Kristin is reading Odyssey.  Do you remember reading this?  She asked me to help her understand it.  It's funny, I really don't remember it very well from high school, but as I read it I was sure thinking well this is a good story.  And hearing it helped her understand. But I still have to ask, why do kids have to read this stuff?  Because we won't chose it as adults?  Why  not let them pick?  I guess to see and appreciate the different styles of writing. 

There was an accident this morning.  I didn't see it.  Rich was taking Kristin to school, and they saw the result of a very bad accident.  She said the kid on the stretcher looked familiar.  I guess her being late was a tender mercy.

I put 102 miles on my car in 3 days.  I am in it driving so much that I just don't want anything to do with driving.  I also did some math.  Some days I spend as much as 3 hours in the car.  Now that is just sick. 

I need a hair cut.  It's been at least six months since my last one.  I am thinking of doing something crazy....
Too bad it wouldn't make me look like her along with it!  Okay...I will be more realistic....how about Jamie Lee Curtis?  Same hairstyle.  But by the time I get around to getting a haircut I will probably chicken out. If I did do it, I would have to invest in new earrings. 

My mental list is huge.  I really should put it on paper.  And then prioritize it.  I might get something done that way.  Might.  Remember I spend I a lot of time in my car.  And when I am home.  I am either making dinner, doing homework or just plain sitting because I need to.  I need to win the lottery.  A maid and chauffeur would be awesome.


Emmy said...

Or at least bus service. I really wish there were buses still. My little sister has had short hair like that but I was never brave enough to even think about it.
Glad Kristin and Rich weren't involved in the accident.

MiMi said...

I remember Odyssey...or at least sleeping through it in advanced Lit. ;)
We woke up to SNOW this morning. UGH!

Nicole said...

Truthfully I'm not sure anyone understand that story. I remember reading it and being confused.