Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Things...

Do you what time...SQUIRREL! 

  • I forget stuff all the time.  It's bad.  Seriously.  Just Monday, I forgot to pack Kristin's lunch.  Sure she can do it. But again, I forget to tell her to do it.  In my foggy sleepy headedness (it's a word) I told her to make a lunch.  She is up before the sun folks!  She did.  She lived.  But man I felt bad.  I forget stuff all the time.  Large and small.  My mind is weak, and blond.  I'm screwed.
  • My bed holds me captive.  It's true.  Every morning I struggle to get out, and every morning it holds me down.  It entices me with its warmth and softness.  
  • News anchors are a pain in the butt.  And so predictable.  It rained a bit on Saturday, and all day yesterday.  It was cold too.  For us anyway.  As predicted(by me, and by anyone with a pulse), the news anchor turned to the weatherman....errr excuse me....METEOROLOGIST  and said, "When is the rain going to stop?" Stop?  Stop?  Really?  It rained for 12 hours.  If that.  Go live in Oregon or Seattle you wimp!  And when the sun is out and we get that glorious warmth where haters hate...they will say, "When are we getting some rain?" 
  • In addition to craziness and people with weather.  Yes it is cold.  But man Californians are wimpy.  I saw people in parkas today.  My kids had gloves on yes, but hoodies.  They were fine.  It's 45 degrees.  That is pretty cold out.  But worthy of parka....not really.
  • Ryan has a blue blanket.  My mom gave it to him when he was baby.  It is satin-y on one side and velour on the other.  He carries it around like Linus.  Not all the time like Linus.  But when he does, that is where my mind goes.
  • I have a meeting with Emily's IEP caseworker today.  I hope it is a productive one.  I also hope it doesn't leave me drained.  Meetings about her often do.  She has come a long way.  I am hoping the next 3 years in middle school grow her well.
  • Once again, I am linking up with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn and their Talk To Us Tuesday!  


MiMi said...

It was 65 here and our family from LV was up...they had coats. They brought rain slicker things and umbrellas the first time they came.
We laughed and told them they looked like tourists and needed to put them away!

Emmy said...

Yes, we do need rain every once in a while- people are wimps here.
I have to write things down or I totally forget.

Impulsive Addict said...

I HATE getting out of my nice warm cozy bed in the mornings. Sometimes, I ask Emma to cuddle with me before I have to get out and make her breakfast.

Thanks for linking up with us Miss Lourie!

Nadine Hightower said...

Okies aren't any better. Snow On the ground and some dumb girl is in shorts and flip flops at Hellmart!

Xazmin said...

Love your randomness. I too am captivated by my bed. SOOOO not a morning person!

becca said...

i'm with you if my head were not attached i'd miss place it

Nicole said...

Some days it is good to be random and send some rain our way please :)

Shawn said...

I'm with ya on the bed thing. Maybe the trick is to get an uncomfortable bed...nah I say sleep in you got up for school when you were a kid, you already paid your dues!

We have had such a mild winter here in FLorida. I'm grateful, I don't like cold fingers, toes and nose!

Thanks for linking up, we will now love you long time!