Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tuesday!

The in-laws came in on Saturday.  They were supposed to be in at 3, but the flight was overbooked.  Did you know they did this???  Well they do.  And my in-laws went on stand-by.  My poor MIL got sick.  I picked up some meds for her on the way to the airport.  She said it was pretty bad for a while.  And on top of everything a cold hit her.  Sheesh!

So the next day, we went to the beach and met up with a long lost relative.  My FIL has been doing Family History.  And he found a daughter of his brother.  His brother died many years ago.  And yesterday they all met for the first time.  It was amazing.  And she just happened to be renting a house on the beach.  How cool is that???  And did I bring my good camera?  No!  It's just the beach after all.  It's not like I will have photo opps.  Thank goodness for phones!

Emily scaled these rocks and scared the crap out of me doing it.  Ryan also had my heart racing else where...
He actually went in further than the video shows.  He was fine until he got an eye full of sea water.

There were also these little critters....
Sand crabs.  The kids were both fascinated and disgusted by the sheer number of them.

We all went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  Is this just a west coast restaurant because I have never seen it anywhere else.  I digress.  The food was great.  I did my best to behave.  But my daughters insisted on having this...
Surprisingly, I only ate a few bites.  It's all I could manage.  It was very rich.  That and they just tackled it.

Harry Potter grossed $168.5 million this past weekend.   And I didn't go see it.  I will.  Soon.

The girls got treated to a night on The Queen Mary and Whale Watching the next day(Monday) and I got treated to such an easy day.  I almost felt guilty for it.  Ryan watched TV all day.  He got to pick all the shows.  I read blogs.  We had simple lunches and easy dinners.  I just sat and let the electronic babysitter entertain him.  There were no fights!!!  It was because there was no one to fight with.  

Today he gets a day out with the Grandparents, and I have things to do.  I have Weight Watchers, Zumba and a Doctor's appointment.   I guess it can't all be fun and games for me.  Although, Zumba is lots of fun.  And my WW leader is a crack up. I would love to shop with her.  The doctor?  Well, she is going to mess with my knees and take x-rays which means pain and discomfort.  Never fun.  But I will have my iPhone so I will read blogs!

What's your random thoughts?


Nicole said...

what do you use to read the blogs on your phone?

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Meeting with a long lost niece--amazing!

That cake looks great. We have The Old Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake-or at least we used to--I don't get out much. :)

MiMi said...

How awesome that he met his niece!!
I want that cake. :)
I am disgusted by any sea creature usually.

Colleen said...

The recent food poisoning bout meant a whole heck of a lot of electronic babysitter time for us.

Sorry to hear about your MIL.

Meeting a long lost relative sounds super neat. MacGyver has a brother that was given up for adoption, but he's on the fence about trying to find him. I'm super curious.

Have fun at Zumba!

Christina Lee said...

OMG my FIL does geneology stuff too--too cool and eek all of those crabs!!

mormonhermitmom said...

Hate it when knees act up...

Emmy said...

Yes I did miss this post- guess it wasn't up when I checked. Okay your day off sounds like heaven, today not as much- but Ryan will be having fun.
Sorry about your MIL getting sick :(
And yes I knew they often overbook flights