Thursday, July 21, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments....Does Your Mother Know???

What do you call it when it is not your own children?  It certainly isn't my proud moment?  And even more questionable, these weren't children, though they were acting like children.  Very obnoxious,and needing to be smacked around a bit.

I was at the pharmacy on Tuesday to pick up a prescription after seeing the ortho doc about my sad knee.  That's a whole nother post!  Rather than shop around I wanted to sit.  It really hurts.  And I have to go to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow...I will tough it out.  ;)  Anyway...there were two young girls.  I say young girls, because they do not deserve to be called young ladies as they didn't act like ladies.  They don't deserve to be called young women because a young woman acts with dignity, respect, and kindness.  These girls did not.  Rather than just sit in one of the chairs nicely placed, one of them had moved them rudely in front of the rest of the chairs.  I took the seat behind her so my mom didn't have work her fake knees behind her.  Yep, her knees may be bionic, but they don't work like bionics.  Too bad. 

While we sat, I observed these girls.  I am guessing they were late teens.  They played on the Dr. Scholl's foot tester.  It tests your foot pressures and tells you what insert best suits you.  Fine...accept later one of them was looking at treatment for athlete's foot!  Then tossed it back in a totally different place because it was ten dollars.  I ended up in line with them to pick my meds.  This is where the fun begins.  I was right behind them.  Yay.

One of them thought it would be fun to rearrange all the iTunes gift cards.  Meaning all the $15 cards were now in the $50 slot and the $25 in the $15 and so on.  This of course, was hilarious.  Now, there is a certain type etiquette for things like ATM's, pharmacy's and banking--does anyone go INSIDE banks anymore?  I digress.  There was one person in front them.  These girls inched up, up, and up.  And literally pushed there way to the counter when they saw the woman at the counter receive her meds.  I seriously doubt she had time to gather her stuff.  Wow!  Their mothers must be so proud.

Now to prove I am not cheating on this proud mommy day.  I am going to say.  My Little Middle has hit puberty.  If you have a little drama queen now, and she brings on the theatrics, well, all I can say ain't seen nothin' yet!

Last night, Emily wanted very much to sleep down stairs.  I do not know what the big attraction is. I do know that it turned into a full scale war.  She was telling me NO.  She told me didn't care if I took away her computer.  Yep she said that.  I took it one step further.  I got nasty.  I said she wouldn't be going to Knott's Berry Farm.  Oh, now that hurt!  She ran and got ready for bed.  We had a talk after and I told her that her behavior was rotten.  Behavior, people.  Because it is the behavior I didn't like.  This girl worked it.  She didn't tell me that she hated me.  Oh no.  She brought on the tears and said, "I'm the most awful daughter!  You hate me!"  What the what???  So I had to shift gears and go into unconditional love.  And talk about our Heavenly Father's love for us.  And still this child wants to sleep downstairs!  What the what!?  Back to no's and pleases.  And then she picks a fight with her sister.  Stomps off to another seat away from her and says, "Now you don't even have to look at me!"  Let me quickly explain, that she brushes her teeth downstairs--we have a problem with this--and Rich had just got back from taking his parents back to their friends where they are staying but he was in the bathroom so we were waiting for him to finish.  I said, "Forget your teeth.  Go to bed!"  She stomped up the stairs.  I said, "Do NOT slam your door!" 

Parents of Drama Queens.  Beware.  Puberty is not pretty.  Everything has escalated since it started.  And it will only get worse.  Pray for me.  Pray for my family.  Pray for Emily.  She might be the one who needs it most!

What are your proudest moments.  Link up with Emmy and Kmama today and share!


Emmy said...

Okay those teenagers sound totally obnoxious.
And wow- Emily did work it, she turned it right around.

I will pray for you ;)

blueviolet said...

Those are some brutal years, I tell ya. I can't believe those bratty girls at the drugstore! :(

Linda Medrano said...

Drop her off at the nearest Hospital ER and leave her there. I think that's legal in Cali.


Amy said...

Sheesh! I remember how horrid I was, and do not look forward to it. Pay back, right? My poor mother. But my goodness, your daughter is a master manipulator! Good luck for the next 10 years!

MiMi said...

Mentally slapping the teenage snarks in my head.
Drama with teenagers...I SO do not look forward to this stage. :(

Cheeseboy said...

Ah crap. I am so ashamed. Just yesterday I was rearranging all the iTunes gift cards. Seriously, I have never had more fun in my life.

So glad I don't have girls.

SO JEALOUS you are going to Knotts tomorrow. My boys love that place and it is a hundred times better than our crappy Lagoon. Although on a super hot summer day, not so sure.

Kmama said...

Just listening to you describe those girls in front of you makes me want to wring their neck. So disrespectful.

Sorry about Emily. I have to laugh though. We were at our neighbor's house last week (they have a preteen) and she freaked out about absolutely nothing and told everyone to stop talking to her (no one was) and that they were stressing her out. Maybe I'm glad I was blessed with boys. LOL

Thanks for linking up!