Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Status Quote

It's been a month already?  A month to collect the funny and strange things people are saying.  Can you imagine if we just randomly announced OUT LOUD what we put on our FB status or Tweets.  Well picture that now.  Picture people just announcing to the world the following updates, and then link up and play along with us!  
I never realized how much Obama and I have in common...I wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding either.  I think my invitation was lost in the mail.
One of the highlights of my childhood was talking into the fan to hear my robot voice.  I still like doing that.
I think we should remove all warning labels and let natural selection take it's course.  That might take out most of the population.
Thinking of becoming a volunteer firefighter. Maybe go down the pole once or twice and then quit. Maybe pet the dalmatian and pose for the calendar.  What month?
If you think the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, you're aiming too high. :) *snicker*
Every girl in the world can look at Kate Middleton and say, "I too can marry a jobless bald guy that still lives with his grandmother." Even in royalty there are loafers.
Son: Mommy, what's inside your ear?
Mom: The rest of your ear.
Son: Well, the inside of my ear tastes disgusting!
Mom: Oh, that's called earwax
Son: It tastes bad every day.  Hmmmm...is it good that it tastes bad everyday?  Or would it be worse if it only tasted bad sometimes?
Karma is like a rubber band, it can only be stretched so far before it comes back & smacks you in the face. Saw a shirt on Saturday that said:  Karma never forgets.  Love it.
Of course the bag that falls out of the back of the van when I opened the door was the bag with the eggs What is it with eggs?  All my Easter eggs froze and exploded.
Hahahaha!  My son just ran out of the room claiming, "I gotta go to the loo!"Okay so this one was MINE.  He recently wanted to know how to say toilet in "English."  Not sure why or where that came from, but for a few days we were saying, "loo."
In the past 2 hours Sisi has: 1. knocked down both babies(intentionally, while I was watching) 2.Yanked out B's hairdo 3. Swung on the car bike rack like a jungle gym 4.Taken a crayon to S's vanity and mirror. I'm sooo ready for all-day school, and she is only 4 :)  Mama needs a time out with some chocolate.  Lots.


MiMi said...

You know some funny people!! The one about the bald dude living with his grandmother made me laugh out loud!!! LOL

Nicole said...

Well if that takes out over half the population, that's population control and the rest of us can have fun repopulating with smart folks :)... LOL

although the bad thing... take off all the warning labels and lawyers will be the next Richest people in the world.

Emmy said...

You found so many great ones! I don't think I quite looked hard enough this time. I almost used the Sisi one too :) And the Loo one actually.

And ear wax? ewww-that might just be worse than a kid eating boogers.

blueviolet said...

I love the one about karma, and I am SO with you on the fan. That is FUN!!!!

Colleen said...

I REALLY have to remember to participate in this some time! I love the Status Quote! But I always forget. Love the Natural Selection one. And the Obama one.

Jenny said...

Funny stuff! Don't you just love it when kids do whatever they're going to do right in front of you. Must be well versed in the law.

Shell said...

Your Easter eggs froze and exploded? that's craziness!

mormonhermitmom said...

Our Easter eggs are so old, I think they would bounce if they dropped.