Thursday, January 20, 2011



OMG:  What a morning!  I got up like normal.  Got dressed like normal.  And I woke up the kids like normal.  Then while waking up Kristin, Ryan came in the room all smiles and something behind his back.  Rewind to the night before when I had sent Rich to the store to buy milk.  He bought me a dark chocolate Hershey's bar.  I set it on my table.  Fast forward.  Ryan smiles at me and says, "I have some chocolate for you."  It is then I notice the chocolate around his mouth.  "You ate my candy bar?"  Ryan proudly answered back, "No, just half."

OMG:  Ryan had chocolate evidence all over his hands so I helped him wash it off.  No towel in the bathroom.  I bent down to find a towel under the sink and then that is when I smelled it.  Stinky poo.  No he wasn't poopy--thank heaven!  But he hasn't quite mastered wiping yet.  Yeah that was fun.

OMG:  I went shopping at Wally for mostly boring stuff but since we went early, my mom and I were able to browse the isles.

OMG:  I went to lunch with my mom, sister, niece and my son.  It was fun and good eats.

OMG:  Teenage angst is no fun.  Enough said.

OMG:  Ooops I did it again!  I went to bed at midnight.  I seriously need to create some sort of schedule that I can adhere to.  It's really ridiculous of me to think I can function on such little sleep.

OMG:  Little Middle needs new shoes.  Already.  We seriously just bought some!

OMG:  This colorful post was brought to you by the letter "O" and by Miss Jenny and her AlphabeThuesday!

Jenny Matlock
And OMG it has been an age but I am finally back to telling two truths and one lie....


OMG!  It's been over a month since I last did this???  Okay to refresh our memories...

1.  While I worked at the Jelly Belly Factory I met Lisa Welchel (Facts of Life) and gave her and her kids a private tour.  True!!!  She is the sweetest person.  And I just had a lovely time with her.  That is until one of my co-workers totally geeked out and wanted her to sign something for her.  She was very gracious and signed.  She made me feel like I was her friend.  Maybe it is because I didn't fawn.  Maybe because she is just that way.  I don't know.  I just know that I really enjoyed her company.
2.  While working at Weight Watchers I was featured in the magazine for a success story  Also true! I did WW the first time some years ago and was featured in their magazine.  They do two or three success stories each month.  I still have it. 
3.  While working at Michael's Arts and Crafts, I did demonstrations for fabric and tole painting.
 FALSE.  While I did have things on display I never taught or demonstrated.

1.  I turned into Bridzilla the week of my wedding
2.  I yelled during labor like they do in the movies.
3.  I went "postal" at Target over a return.

Can you find the fib?  


Emmy said...

I am guessing the yelling in labor is the lie. I went to Ross yesterday with just Ryder and have decided it is going to be dangerous when all my kids are in school, I had fun shopping and browsing.

Sue said...

I'm guessing the labor yelling is the lie. (And if not, I'm feeling sorry for the woman laboring next to you!)


MiMi said...

Yelling in labor is a fib. I think.
IDK. I suck at this.

mormonhermitmom said...

I can't believe you ever were "bridezilla". What is a bridezilla anyway?

Nikki said...

That is so awesome you worked at Michaels!!! you must've had some awesome discounts!!! I think you didn't go postal at Target:)

Shell said...

I love Lisa Whelchel. :)

I'm going with bridezilla as your lie.

Jamie said...

Hmmm....interesting lies....I think it was yelling during labor. I had one of those yellers down the hall from me in one of my own labors, and it was ridiculous! On second thought-did you labor in Edmond, OK back in '97?

shortmama said...

Bridezilla is the fib...maybe...yeah thats it!

Nicole said...

do you ever tell us which is the lie?

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'll bet it was the Bridzilla, does anyone really do that?

blueviolet said...

I can't see you getting all mad in Target. That's the lie!

Jo said...

teen drama .... oh i am so glad that is over for me ... lovely colourful post!

Cherie said...

That is fun that you met Lisa Welchel.

And your randomness is cracking me up!!

I think #1 is the lie!

Amy said...

Ah, the generous toddler sharing your food with you. And I am also dealing with the poopy not wiped bum. His poor little arms just don't reach that far around!

I am going to guess your fib is turning into Bridzilla.

Christina Lee said...

LOL to the dark chocolate thief-- and shoes, OH shoes, they grow out of them so darn fast!

ModernMom said...

I'm going to guess you did not go postal at Target over a return:)

and OMG I would like some chocolate right now!

Judie said...

WEll, since I actually DID go postal at Target when for the third time the pharmacy was closed when I went to pick up my meds, I'm not voting for that one as a lie. I'll bet you didn't scream during childbirth.
Great post, by the way!!

Jenny said...

It's been kind of an OMG weekend around here, too, but it sounds so much better when there;s little kids involved....poopy bottoms or not - ha!

Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'O'.

So good seeing you Lourie!