Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza!! Jan to March

It's here!  The 2010 Review Extravaganza!!  What?  Did you miss that post?  Well it's simple every Friday for the rest of the year we are recapping the year.  Today we are covering the months of Jan. Feb. and March.  So write up your first review of 2010 and link up here.  

Now just what exactly what was I doing in January anyway....oh could I forget....we closed on the house and had a big bang of a celebration complete with silly string!!

Aside from that big major event...I wrote a fractured fairy tale, that I am quite fond of.  You can read that here.

In Feb, I continued with those Writer's Workshops and blogged about do's and don'ts along with how I got that wicked scar.

I turned the tables on myself and let you ask the questions and I answered.  I should do that again.  What do you think?  There was also some serious mean girl drama going on.  I chose to blog very little about it.  And when I did, I was vague. I am happy to report after several weeks of the same stupid crap it was finally resolved.  

March was when I started my Dancing With the Stars reviews.  I like how I did it this season better.  But you can decide for yourself and see my first DWTS post right here.

I can't believe it has been nearly a year since we closed on our house.  I guess we might own a square of tile by now.  Or as my mom says, "a doorknob."  Well whatever it is ours.

Oh wow...can you believe I forgot this important piece of fun....I began a very important and personal journey.  I started my weight loss journey in January.  Here is the first post.

So there you have it.  The first three months of 2010.  What were those months like for you?  It's fun to go back and see.  After you walk down memory lane, come back and link up!!


VandyJ said...

I love doing the Writer's Workshops, when a topic speaks to me. Congrats on the house.

Emmy said...

Of yes the mean girls! So glad that is over. And you should show that to K. and help her realize that things will pass even if it feels like your whole world at the time.

It has been a fun blogging year.

Amy said...

Girls can be the meanest. I am glad that it is over with now. And I am glad that I got to know you this year. What a great friend you are!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the almost a year house-ownership! :)

Angel said...

The fairy tale was wonderful!

Em said...

I am still afraid of the mean girls. More so bc I have a girl now and am scared that one day she will meet one! Or most def will. So let's hope I've resolved my high school issues enough to be able to help her.

We closed on our house in October so I won't get to write about that until phase 3! I don't even think we own a doorknob yet! Seeing as we've only had to pay one mortgage. I love how that works when you first move in:) was this your first home??

Mamarazzi said...

mean girl drama is the worst...girls can be ruthless!!

thanks for being one of the hostesses, i look forward to getting to know you!


thanks for commenting on my blog, i always do my best to follow people who comment on my blog back to their's and leave a little love!

jennykate77 said...

It was great to go back through some of your older posts. Sounds like you had an eventful start to the year. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your year!

shortmama said...

Ive never thought of being a homeowner that way! We have had our house for 10 years so maybe we own the whole living room by now?!

Christina Lee said...

AAH now I want to go back and look at my posts! Thanks lady!

Jenny said...

What a great idea. I won't link because I can't get on to visit without sneaking on to this computer.

You're a clever girl, though.