Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was a daredevil as a child.  I loved to roller skate, ride bikes, climb trees, turn cartwheels--in the church foyer--ahem.  As a result of my stunts which were not limited to the above mentioned, I sustained a variety of injuries from sprains, strains, and broken bones.  From breaking both arms,  both bones at the same time, to breaking my leg.  It hurts to break a bone no matter what.  A tiny break or a big one.  Thankfully I never had the big and ugly breaks.  My brother and sister took care of that.  Here are some hints for you if you are not sure--I am talking about the minor breaks.  If it's ugly you will know.  Ask my mom.  She knows first hand.

1.  Bruising
2.  Swelling
3.  Or both
4.  Restless behavior (can't get comfortable)
5.  Complains...like way more than normal
6.  Holds the limb funny
7.  Wakes in the night from pain
8.  Can't or won't hold an object.
9.  (for legs) No weight can be put on it.  None.  I literally could not stand.  You don't limp or hop.  You just don't get up.  That's it.  Legs don't work right when broken.  (Mine was a minor break.)

So why am I being so informative and possibly coming off as a know-it-all.  Well, Kristin is me.  She isn't quite the daredevil I was, but that doesn't mean she doesn't do things that are silly, crazy or scary.  Saturday was no different.  We were watching Emmy's kids while she did a photo shoot.  I was inside with the baby, and Kristin was outside with the kids.  She was putting the big wheel away and rode it like a scooter.  Sounds reasonable right?  At least until it slips out from under you and sends you falling backward.  Like any normal person, she braced her fall with her hands.  The left taking the brunt of it.  Yeah, it hurt her bad.  It started to swell right away.  No bruising, but swelling.  We iced it, gave her ibuprorfen and she kept it pretty still.  Now was the conundrum do we go to Urgent Care now or in the morning.  It was either that or the ER.  Don't even get me started about my distaste for any and all ER's.  I convince her to wait by offering to wrap her hand in an ace bandage and take her first thing in the morning. I am pretty sure it is broken though.

Next morning we are up and out the door by 830 to get to Urgent Care when it opens.  We are seen and taken care of in just about an hour.  Yeah, there is a tiny little chip...in the growth line.  She needs to see her doctor and get a referral for Ortho.  In the meantime, they put her in a plaster splint. 

Today we go to the doctor, sit for 45 minutes for the PA to say confirm it is broken and orders a referral for ortho.  *Insert eye roll*  So now we are waiting for the referral then we have to get an appointment...who knows when this will be. Grrrr.  I hate insurance.  Although, I am very glad I have it. 

To treat an injury (particularly if you suspect it to be a broken bone)  ice it for 10-20 minutes every couple of hours for the first 24 hours.  No heat.  Heat causes swelling.  Ibuproferen for pain and to reduce swelling.  Keep it elevated--above the heart.

My hope is that you don't have to go through this with your kids or yourself.  It's not fun for anyone.  Now you can all give Kristin some poor baby treatment.  I think the hardest part is feeling helpless.  Bless her heart.


Rachel said...

OUch! That is so not fun! I've never broken a bone and I think I'll freak if/when my kids ever do.

Hope she's okay!!!

Nicole said...

My husband hit a semi truck head on a few years ago and broke his left leg (required surgery and he still has pins and screws) and broke his right arm which wasn't caught right away due to the leg. He knows the pain.

Emmy said...

:(. So not fun. And yes insurance is annoyingly wonderful. Glad it wasn't her right hand.

Thanks for watching the kids and for the link ups :)

Linda Medrano said...

Poor baby! I'm so sorry! I hate this for her right before Christmas!

mormonhermitmom said...

Crikey! Poor kid can get a break..oops..actually she has..NEVER MIND!

blueviolet said...

Oh geez, I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad it's in a cast now so it can heal.

Shell said...

Oh no! Poor thing!

Shelley said...

Aww poor Kristin! Sorry to hear that!

KK said...

Poor baby! I'm a klutz but luckily have never broken anything but fingers and toes!

Jenny said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. Where are the holiday stickers?

Amy said...

Oooch! I feel for her. When I was in third grade, I broke my wrist. It took my mom a week before she was finally convinced it was broken and took me to the doctor. That was a week full of pain, I tell you what!

Holly said...

Oh man! I have never broken anything...cannot imagine the pain. Hope the recovery is quick. I love you more now that I know you were a daredevil!