Friday, March 19, 2010

20 questions answered

I invited you to ask me questions, and you delivered.  Here are the answers everyone wants to know.  Okay maybe not everyone.  Read on and enjoy!

Do you remember the name of the song we chose for a radio dedication to our three "friends"? ;) 

Honestly, no.  I don't even remember doing it.  Did it get played???  LOL

Good or bad or funny - Are you turning into your mother? How?

Good:  It is good that I am turning into my mother.  She is a smart lady.  
Bad:  Darn knees and then there is that whole senility thing.
Funny:  We share a brain.  Which is sad, because we always lose it.

When have you/do you most feel like you are a good mom?
When I can stay calm and keep my voice even in one of those situations that you might otherwise be screaming.  When they are sick, and I can put everything BUT them on hold.  When I can make them laugh.  Those are my "good mom" moments.

what are 3 things you NEVER want to do? 

Bungee jump
scrub a bathroom with a toothbrush
ID a body (I think I watch too much TV)

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? 

Oh the tales I could tell!  But I want you all to respect me in the morning. ;)  So when I was about 20 ish...and skinny for the first time ever...I was shopping with my mom and trying on clothes.  It was the one time I enjoyed this activity.  I grabbed a pair of pants that were supposed to be stretch jeans.  Stretch jeans that were the precursor to skinny jeans.  I didn't like the way they looked on after.  No big.  Just take them off right?  Right.  Except, when you have big feet those slim fitting pants don't give up to easily.  No where to sit and no where to go.  I sat my butt on the floor.  Luckily I was in the last stall so I was tucked away in a corner.  I was pulling and tugging at these stupid pants.  In my mind, I am seeing a salesperson cutting them off my body, and then I would have to pay for cut up pants.  Luckily I got myself out of them.  My mom was wondering what was taking me so long.  Well that would be it.  

If there is one thing you could go back and do over what would it be?

I really wish I would have tried out for more plays in high school.  I really enjoyed acting.  

If someone gave you $1000 what is the first thing you would buy/do with it? 

 If I wasn't afraid of pain, I might consider some plastic surgery.  Correct my nose.  Or lift the face a bit.  Depends.  How about some lypo? The thing is, I would have guilt if I spent it all on myself.  I would make sure everyone got a piece of the pie.

At what point in your full days with your kiddos do you finally say: "calgon take me away"? :)   

Hahahaha!  That's a loaded question!  Sometimes it's first thing in the morning! I have been known to lock myself in my bedroom and sit in the dark.  It's those days when the 4 year old is asking 20 million questions, while I am trying to keep the nine year old focused on homework, and the TV is on but nobody is watching, and the phone rings and then I get a text message.  And since I am not answering the boy fast enough he has to come over and yank on me to make sure I am hearing him while I am on the phone, texting, helping with homework and trying to hunt down the remote to turn the tv to something the boy likes so he will be distracted for five seconds.  Yeah, those are the times when I need a moment.  

How do you do all this blogging and still get the kids off to school, fed, bathed, homework, dinner, etc.?

Have you seen my house?  haha.  Seriously...I do not blog until after the kids are gone.   From dinner until they are in bed, I do very little with the computer.  I read a lot of blogs throughout the day and comment.  Sometimes, I am gone all day and I cram in my reading after the homework is done.  I try really hard to respond back to comments I get.  I don't always get to everybody.
I am a stickler about certain things...dinner, bed, and baths are right up there.  And well, the kids need to go to bed so that I will be nice to them the next day.  ;)  My BFF's mom told me, her kids always had a bedtime because it was either her or the kids.  Hahaha!
What is your true passion, and what are you doing about it?

It's here.  I love to write.  I love that there are people out there who read the things that I write.  I don't know if I will get that book published, but for now this is good enough for me.

What are you top 5 favorite films of all time?

1.  The Wizard of Oz
2.  The Outsiders
3.  The Princess Bride
4.  The Breakfast Club
5.  Pillow Talk

That's all the questions we have time for today.  This was lots of fun.  I may have to do another part to get more questions.  


mormonhermitmom said...

I'm impressed. I could never narrow down my favorite movies to five.

Emmy said...

I always hate the questions of favorite movies/books.. I never know :)

I think I would have some work done too, well after I have the baby.. make the pooch finally go away :)

Laura said...

I love reading this stuff...I'm bummed I didn't get to ask a question, must have been when I was gone because of a broken computer. :( The Wizard of Oz was my all time favorite movie!! My mom had to buy a new one because I watched it so much when I was a kid.

Tracie said...

I've been bad about getting the kids to bed early enough. They stay up too late and then I stay up too late and everyone is grumpy. Not good.

Rachel Sue said...

I never want to bungee jump either!

I love that picture of you and your girls!

Anonymous said...

Calgon take me away is one of my favorite sayings. I mustn't be saying it right because I never wind up in the bathtub.

Holly said...

How cute are you guys!

I'd totally agree with the 3 things you hope to never do.

Your good mom moments are sweet!

I love your film choices...OK 3 of the 5 I have never seen Princess Bride or Pillow Talk.

KK said...

Turn off the TV now, while I pray you never have to ID a body! :) This is a great idea. ANd I love the pic with your girls!