Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's Going On My Blog!

My mom is not like other moms.  And I mean this in best possible way.  And not just cause she reads my blog!!  I think of her mother.  My Grandma.  She is a lot like her.  She is kind, loving, has wonderful advice and even has her white hair.  But my mom is different than her mom was.  I would say she is more like her aunt.  Her mom's baby sister.  

My mom will duel with pool noodles, wrapping paper and other such weapons.  I don't think my grandma would have done that.  

My mom will blow the paper wrapper of a straw at you at a restaurant.  I don't think my grandma would have done that.  My aunt just might!  

With my new found freedom, I was able to go to lunch with my mom yesterday.  We chose Chinese cause let's face it, the kids are not going to eat that!  Well in true spirit of silliness, I blew my paper wrapper at my mom.  Hit her on the shoulder.  It was a nice shot.  It even stuck to her.  Not wanting to be out done she retaliated.  However, she missed me.  And hit the man sitting behind me!  I thought we might pee from laughing so hard. As that party left, the gentleman she "assaulted" looked in our direction to see just who was responsible.  Imagine his surprise when he saw my mother!  But it's okay...I spilled sweet and sour sauce on my shorts.  It's all in the family.

What are you and your family like in public?

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Christina Lee said...

AWWW now I love your mom too!

Emmy said...

That is awesome! And yes your mom has a ready smile and is always so kind.

blueviolet said...

My daughter and I are like you and your mom and I wouldn't have it any other way! My mom is WAY too uptight to do anything like that - party pooper!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like you have a great mom!!

Linda Medrano said...

Your Mama sounds fun! Mine was too.

mormonhermitmom said...

LOL My mom taught me that trick with the soda straw too!

Carolynn said...

A girl's just gotta have fun!

Laura Lynn said...

hahaha - I love it! We are the same way in my immediate family.
But my mom was a free spirit too!