Friday, August 20, 2010

Not A Poop Story

It's Friday.  Time to come clean.  If you feel the need to come clean with me, you can link up with Glamazon!

I do not know left from right.  It's true.  Yesterday, Little Middle came to me complaining that her side hurt.  Like bad.  She was on the verge of tears.  I was looking at her holding her side.  It was MY right.  I registered it as HER right.  I pressed on her belly--yeah cause I went to medical school--and she cried.  No fever.  No tummy ache.  But man, she was hurting.  I took her to Urgent Care as opposed to the ER.  I HATE the ER.  It's too crowded and too germie.  I have to be dying to go there.  And well, so do my kids.  Urgent care is a step up.  We were only there an hour.  Nice!  It was there, I realized it was her LEFT side not her RIGHT.  Guess what?  She needed to poop.  The doctor said she was very impacted and the intestine felt inflamed.  Well I thought I felt something...I guess I just learned something.  There is also no vital organs on that side.  It's just your large intestine, colon and rectum.  I know I said it's not a poop story...and it's not.

When I got home from taking the girls to school, I was so tired.  I was wiped out.  I told Ryan(he has PM Kindergarten) that Mama needed to rest.  I laid down on the couch to sleep rest while he watched TV.  He wanted a snack, and I asked him what he wanted.  "Chocolate Chips" was his answer.  I said,"No, you need a healthy snack. Okay bring them to me and get a bowl."  This is confessional.  I let him have chocolate chips.  The boy brings me the chips and a tupperware wannabe that holds like 4 quarts!  So I put two handfuls and he happily sits with his healthy snack.  Instead of telling him to put those chocolate chips away, I held onto them.  I also fell asleep.  Well some of those chocolate chips fell out and melted onto the back of my shirt.  I didn't know this.  At least not until I was at Wal-Mart with my mom who asked what in the world was on my shirt.

Looks pretty nasty!  But it's really chocolate.  Needless to say I bought me a new shirt and changed!

I have guilt issues.  I haven't had a chance to respond to many (if any) comments on yesterday's post.  And I haven't read hardly any blogs today.  I haven't been home much today.  And yet, I feel bad.  Like I am being rude or something. So if you haven't heard from me yet, you will.  I am working on it.  

I think that is all.  At least for this week.  I need to save material for next week! 
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Nikki said...

awww your poor girl! We did learn that in school, your right side has your liver and GB (the way I remember it is liverright:)) and the left side just has the spleen (and intestines). In school we learned how to move stool through the abdomen, you just rub downward from under rib on left downwards, and then start from right pelvis up towards ribs, then across (the transverse colon) and then downwards again on left side from ribs to pelvis. I haven't had to try it yet but the teacher said it works great!

lol the chocolate at first glance doesn't look like chocolate! :)

Linda Medrano said...

Internal workings have always confounded me. I'm not even good on the external ones. I hope the child pooped! Bless her heart. I was worried about the appendix.

Go take a nap. You'll feel better.

mormonhermitmom said...

Frosted Mini wheats are good for extra fiber - and they don't look like poop when you sleep on them ;)

Shell said...

LOL @ the shirt! Totally something that I would do.

I think this time of year is so hard, everyone is busy with back to school. I didn't even blog as much as usual, let alone be able to make the rounds.

blueviolet said...

I'm glad the chips fell on your shirt and not your pants!

VandyJ said...

Chocolate is better eaten, not worn--but I have had similar issues. Comes of little boys wiping their fingers on me, the seat, and themselves.

Aubree said...

haha i don't even know what a spleen does. but i guess you can help remember left and right as if you make an "L" for left with your left index finger and thumb. works for me haha.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha! oh dear! laughing about the chocolate chips! And I was at the head of the class when it comes to left and right...until dental hygiene school!!!! I went from confident to having to ask my hubby and kids to explain it to me- I mean, as a hygienist, we always look at left as right and right as in "the patient's left" and "the patient's right", so that when someone shows a group photo and says "so -n -so on the left"...I get a mind block!
Anywhoo...enuff about that!

I hope your little one is feeling better :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
I am right there with ya on not getting to more blog reading like I would like! And if I hadnt thanked you yet...thank you for stopping by mine!

LambAround said...

LOL! A poop story...that is not a poop story...that includes a photo of a shirt covered in "chocolate"? I'm loving this :p

Happy to read that everything was okay!!

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Anonymous said...

You are a hoot and a half! Oh and I really like your "about me" photo!

Tracie said...

The shirt (and the nap) sounds like something I would do! I've been exhausted since school started.

Emmy said...

Glad it was just consripaction. And your shirt does look nasty though I must admit I laughed a bit at the whole situation.

Jingle said...

put yourself first,
we all feel the same at times,
I can relate
Happy Sunday!