Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Kermit is always getting kicked around by Miss Piggy.  Poor Kemi.
Everyone says Oscar is a grouch.  I think Oscar knows what's going on! Besides if green were truly such a bad color, why would we bother to celebrate a day devoted entirely to GREEN!  I remembered this post, and felt it had to have a special encore appearance for this very topic.  Read it and tell me if you agree!
Yesterday for Saint Patrick's Day we all wore our traditional green.  Did you know the reason you wear green is so that the leprechauns can't see you?  If you don't wear green, then they can see you and they will pinch you.  Which is where pinching people when they aren't wearing green comes from.  Well none of us wanted to be seen so we all wore green.

I felt my food was in danger as well.  So I made us a cake.

 green of course.  Then I frosted it...

                                  Green frosting of course

How about.....



Kristin was in awe that I actually dyed the rice green.  She was a little uneasy about the safety of the rice.  I assured her it was safe to eat.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The rice was bright bright green.  It was quite the sight.  It made the broccoli look so blah and sad.

What did you do for St.Patrick's Day?  

How is that for the color GREEN!?  This post was brought to you by...

Jenny Matlock


And now for:

Last week I mentioned flavors I may or may not have an aversion to.  Coconut is such an acquired taste.  Most people do not like its texture.  I for one, LOVE it.  I love everything coconut.  I love Mounds and Almond joy.  I love the smell.  It's good.  I love it as a stinky soap/body spray.  Yum.
Passion fruit makes me want to puke.  When I was a little kid, I drank some juice that was passion fruit flavor.  And right after I threw up.  It was lots of fun.  Yeah.  Scarred for life on that.  I can not tolerate it.
Vanilla is fine as ice cream and a flavoring in baking.  Anywhere else, it has to go away.  When I was pregnant with my son, it simply didn't sit well with me.  Still doesn't.
And now....drum roll please....
1.  I once sneaked a friend over to spend the night
2.  I once took off to my BF"s house sans shoes and walked 7miles to her house.
3.  I once hitched a ride to the mall because my mom wouldn't take me!
Can you guess? Link up and play! 



Nora Johnson said...

Love Kermit and the green rice and cake frosting! And I didn't know that reason for wearing green either!
Happy AlphabeThursday Green,
btw My own AlphabeThursday Green is posted if you can stop by HERE!

Nikki said...

wow that is alot of green! I love the idea of a green cake:) we are doing green soaps for the craft show and using spirulina vitamins to color it! lol.

I say you didn't hitch a ride, but you did walk to your friends house and you did sneak a friend in!

The Drama Mama said...

Ha. All that green. Fun!!

This is a toughie. 7 miles without shoes is a long hard walk. I believe you walked the 7 miles but I think you did have your shoes on. ;)

Sue said...

My girlfriend dyes all her food green for St. Patrick's Day, too. Her kids love it, but my kids always thought it looked too disgusting to eat.


Linda Medrano said...

I love green. It's the color of money! But I do not think I could eat green cake or green rice. Carol, what were you thinking.

You did NOT hitchhike!

Vanessamae said...

I have to say that you walked but you had shoes on. I love my best friend but once my feet go, I'm not walking anywhere!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I can see you do all of these things.

The green food is the post is so green. I bet I could eat the cake though.

Christy said...

i love kermit, but i love, love, love oscar...he was always my fave! i never make green food on st. paddy's day...i am such a fuddy-duddy...maybe next year!

mormonhermitmom said...

Love Kermit (see me waving my arms Kermit-style and shouting "YAY")

Love green but not as a food coloring.

You snuck a friend to sleep over.

Anna said...

Love the green cake! Yummy. Sorry, I prefer my rice WHITE!

What did I do for Saint Pat's? I made a green necklace and posted it on my jewellery blog! But no one bought it.

For some reason, green is not a popular colour. Wait til next week when we do BLUE. I make lovely necklaces in bright happy colours like RED, but most of my customers buy black or blue jewellery from me. (With one exception: Mrs. Matlock. Bless her heart!)

I have made several light green necklaces that I never ever sell! I have sold a couple dark green ones though.
Best wishes,
Anna's Rainbow Greens

NatureGirl said...

What a good mom you are. My grandmother used to occasionally dye her hair for different holidays...including green!

Emmy said...

Yes a good green post indeed. The lie? Hmmm I think I have heard some of these stories, but I truly am not sure. Let's go with #1

Susan said...

GREAT green post! and I also love vanilla and coconut :)

I think the lie, is the hitchhike...I am playing this week for the first time.
Thanks, Susan's my Green Post:

Jingle said...

love the frog..
cute green post.

blueviolet said...

You are so much fun!!!!!

Laura said...

Haha We had green cupcakes at my sons birthday party last weekend and everyone was pooping green the next day...just sayin. :)

The only thing I like coconut on is Somoas, YUMMMM!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love your green flashback post ;o) um...puleeze email me and tell me...did you re-write this post totally or copy and paste parts to this week's green post from an older post? Cuz this is what I wanted to do too!

Blessings & Aloha!

my email is

Jo said...

that green rice looks so ... ummm ... different & happy!!! What a fun post!

Terra said...

Oh no you didn't...that green cake...OMG

Jenny said...

I kinda/sorta love the green rice!

It might have been a little scary, though.

This was a fun stop on our little journey through Rainbow Summer School's Color GREEN!

You just make me smile.