Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sea World, July 23, 2009

Today was Sea World. We got up early despite still feeling jet lagged and already being worn out. Ryan was super cranky at this point, and not much fun to be with, but we pressed onward to our grand adventure! We were very fortunate to be in the company of season ticket holders(Rob and Shelly). They had special discount coupons for everyone. We would have bought some for us as well, had it covered the San Diego park. It doesn't. Just theirs. Oh well. I had the bright idea of renting a stroller so that Ryan could ride. Well he would have nothing to do with it. It was then that realized my telephoto lens was missing. I went back to the stroller place and where we got our tickets neither had seen it. It was in its case and ON my shoulder. How did it get away from me? I don't even remember bumping into anyone. Rich retraced our steps and nothing. It was just gone!

As awful as that was, we started our day. San Antonio Sea World has a water park, and Rob and Shelly rented out two cabanas for the family as their treat to us. And what a treat it was! It came fully stocked with water and pop, towels and even a cabana person! Who's soul purpose was to stay there and make sure you had everything you needed. It was heaven. I could have stayed there all day! We had it for the day so why not??? well, we had plans. it was well planned out actually and we all had a good time--well maybe Ryan was a little unsure most of the day, but he remembers the dolphins and the whales.

By the days end, when the park closed at 8, we were whipped, sunburned and hurting. My poor sister-in-law could hardly walk. I hurt just watching her hobble back to the car. We all stopped at Arby's for dinner, but smart Shelly said, "We are not going in!" Hahaha. That was fine with me, we were grubby, tired and smelly.

When we got back to the hotel, it was time for baths, because tomorrow was picture day! We joked about us all being red-faced and puffy-eyed.
A very tired and unhappy Ryan.
Cousins: Georiga & Jack on the left. Erin front and center. Sisters Kristin and Emily on the right.
Feeding the dolphins. Holding a dead fish is kind of gross, but petting a dolphin is way cool!
Rich's brother Rob and father Larry. Here is one of the cabana's. The other is behind the person taking the picture. The cabana's were great, despite the skunk smell. Oops a skunk got into the park and it sprayed a hello!
Clyde and Seymour the Sea Lion and Walrus show. Ryan and I missed this one.
"Viva" a show of acrobats and fantastic feats between people and dolphins.
Not me. No thanks!
Meeting and petting penguins!
Each of us got a turn.
Ryan wouldn't and couldn't go, so Rich stayed behind.
And what is Sea World without Shamu!

All in all it was a fun day. Ryan finally fell asleep in my arms after the penguin experience. Luckily we were at the cabana, and I could just lounge while he slept. We got a few trinkets from the day and called it quits after the Shamu show was over.

Next portraits!


Emmy said...

I want a cabana! What a fun day

Carolynn said...

Cabana....Yes, Fish breath, not so much.