Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Pictures--July 24, 2009

Friday was specifically set aside for family photos. The entire family as well as individual. It was requested that we all wear white shirts and denim shorts/pants. Well the girls even have white shirts??? Let's face it, most kids clothes have some kind of something on them, even when they are a tweener. Happily, I remembered that they both indeed had a white shirt. Ryan also had one. A white polo. Perfect. I have a few white shirts myself. The one I wanted was dirty and needed washing. No worries, I would wash it and pack it. Fast Foward to Friday morning.

I tunnel through the kids clothes--which I put in the little drawers of the hotel room. I found Emily's shirt and Ryan's, but not Kristin's. Hmmmm. I am positive I packed it. I double checked. Nope it is not there. Don't panic. We can ask Shelly if Erin has an extra white shirt. I go into my suitcase. My white shirt is also MIA. Okay the blood is starting to course through my veins at an alarming pace. Don't panic. I am sure Shelly has an extra shirt for me. In fact she did. She sent Rob over with a shirt for me and Kristin. Saved!

After that little hiccup, we headed to photography studio. Ryan was already cranky, and he simply does not want his picture taken! This day was no acception, except maybe he was extra cranky and whiny. He cried, buried his face, threw fits. We started bribing him. "We'll get you a car!" He loves his cars. Well at least the prospect of getting a car calmed him a little. Soon other family members were saying they would buy him one too. All he had to do was smile. I was getting tired. Rich was getting frustrated. I just wanted to quit. Busi wanted one with all the grandkids. Ryan just cried, "I want Mommy!" He was just so tired. So, with one last ditch effort I cuddled him, and spoke softly to him and slowly brought him to Busi. The very second I sat him in her lap he started bawling. The photographer took two pictures, and we all bought the best one. It truly spoke volumes of the whole experience. We did actually manage a good group photo, and a fantastic one of just our family. Ryan ended up with 3 cars, and big truck to tow his cars.

After pictures, we went to lunch at a little place called "Willie's." It was cool because there was a sandbox on the patio. They had fans blowing with misters. It kind of worked. But the kids loved it.

Next was swimming, and this time I got pictures! Then that evening we celebrated Grandpa Larry's 65th birthday. It was another full and busy day!
Look at that poor baby. He did smile once tho.
The sandbox at Willie's. The food was really good too.
Jack jumping in.
Erin's " Rock Star" dive.
Kristin's "rock star" dive.
A swimmer in the making.
The cake. Each of the grandkids decorated it.
The birthday boy. Grandpa Larry.


Emmy said...

What a fun day.. well besides the freaking out for the picture part. There is always one. Whenever we are all in Utah we try and get pictures of the grand kids together and every year there is one that is crying or freaking out. And then the next year it is someone eles' turn.
I like the picture though, it is cute :)

silfert said...

Junior does the Dracula routine when confronted with a camera; I'll have ot stock up on cars...

Great pictures!

Carolynn said...

Some of the most memorable pictures are the ones without the forced smiles. I love the cake idea.