Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The River Walk. July 25

Another day. Another adventure!

Today we would be going to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Grandpa stayed behind as he has a hard time getting around, and this is a lot of walking and a lot of stair climbing. We gathered in the hotel lobby and waited for Rob and Shelly to arrive as we needed the extra vehicle and hey, they wanted to go too! While we sat waiting, we discovered a very LARGE hornet in the doorway. It was hovering around the first set of doors in between the doors. Nobody wanted to go near it. I am not kidding, this thing was dragon fly size, but it was NOT a dragon fly! My sister-in-law, Michele, finally grabbed a magazine and rolled it up. She was scared to do it, but man she got in there and swatted that thing enough to get it out with out killing it. We cheered her. I think the hotel was glad when we were gone.

Once at The Riverwalk, we started with a little shopping. It was there that Aunt Sandi gave each of the kids $20 to spend. What a good and sweet aunt to spoil her neices and nephews! Hehe. The first store was The Purple Store. Everything in it (just about) is purple! It smelled like grape too. That part was kind of gross, but otherwise it was a fun store.

We did the touristy thing and went on a riverboat. What's the Riverwalk without a riverboat ride? As we waited in line, there were several birds in the rafters above, and wouldn't you know it, one of them nasty buggers pooped ON Ryan!!! Rob was standing closet to me, and we both couldn't see where it went, just that it had come close to or right on the boy. Rob finally found a small smudge of stuff on Ryan's shirt and dabbed it with a hanky. A real one! What a boy scout! Shortly after that, I was reapplying sunscreen and went to put some on Ryan. It was when I went under the collar of his shirt, that I saw that the turd in question had gotten INSIDE of his shirt. That hanky didn't stand a chance. We got most of it up, but in the end the hanky met its untimely demise and Ryan would need a bath that night.

Before we actually took off on our "cruise", there was an entire platoon passing by. The most amazing part is everyone started applauding! It was easily five minutes of cheering and clapping. Yes, we do support our troops!
Waiting to go on our boat ride. Left: Rich, Rob and Erin
Right: Kristin, Ryan, Jack and Michele.
Sandi, Georgia(can't see her much) Denise--is she seasick??--
Marsha(Busi) waves, and Shelly didn't turn around. Haha.
Kristin taking a break while we wait (forever) for our table.
This sign was on a bathroom stall door at The Hard Rock Cafe. I never realized Nuclear weapons in bathrooms was a problem.
Our rowdy bunch--and the kids were rowdy too!
The whole family. Each group had a color. And each shirt was numbered according to where they fell in the age line. I am #9--the youngest adult. I always let my bro-in-law know it!


Emmy said...

Love the shirt idea! That is fun. So sorry that Ryan got pooped on. It sounds like it was fun day.

Carolynn said...

I really liked the riverwalk boat ride when we were there. I am so glad no bird left a deposit on me.