Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Have A Question

During our stay in TX, we stayed at a hotel. My in-laws graciously covered the cost for everyone who needed one. That helped us out tremendously. I have no question there. No, my question is where do people's manners go when they stay at these places???

I understand that people are traveling, perhaps driving long distances with their kids. I have been there and done that many times with my own kids. Maybe you are one of a few adults on a trip with a bus load of noisy teenagers. Whatever the case may be, is it really that difficult to have a cut off point. For instance no running up and down the halls past 9PM. Or maybe remember that the hotel doors will slam if you don't slow it down. You should realize that just because you aren't going to bed, doesn't mean nobody else is. Likewise, just because you are leaving at o dark thirty, doesn't mean your neighbors are.

I just wonder where people's manners go. Did they leave them at home? Or were they simply that rude to start with? Whatever the case may be, the whole time we were there, we had door slammers, people running up and down the halls at all hours, as well as shouting matches. We didn't stay in a dumpy hotel either. It was a nice one. Brand new in fact, in a good part of town. So why all the horrible manners??? Maybe I can write a book about hotel etiquette!


Emmy said...

We had a bad experience like this once in Ohio. The hotel we were staying had a reception hall, and this was this big wedding reception going on, this family obviously liked to party. But they also are so busy having a party that they didn't notice that their kids were running p and down the halls of the hotel. Oh, and the smoke machine their DJ had set off all the smoke alarms in the hotel at 11:30 at night.

Carolynn said...

I am sure they leave the manors at home. Some people hold get together's at hotels to avoid problems with neighbors. Of course, some people, no names here, Cathy, snore so loud you think they are vacuuming the room upstairs.

CJ Sime said...

O dark thirty ha ha thanks for that. My dad used that phrase all the time growing up. I had forgotten about it. :o)

BTW it isn't just at hotels that people are rude and inconsiderate. You make it your mission: write your book and leave a copy every where you go. I am sure you could get the maids to work with you on this one.