Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments--Cool Kids

It is time for those Proud Mommy Moments to share and link up with Emmy and Kmama.  And I am going to ride a little on the coattails of my bestie and use pictures for my post.  Now I don't have a melt your heart toddler anymore, but I think my kids are pretty good looking just the same. 

Kristin is in The Hobbit this week at school.  I saw it last weekend with Emmy.  Kristin is an elf.  She and all the other kids worked tremendously hard on this production.  All moms should be proud, and so should the teacher.  Maybe I am biased towards her.  Just a tad.  It's something that is important to her.  She keeps up with her school work despite a hectic schedule.

Emily may be quiet and reserved, but there is a wild and spunky persona just beneath the surface.  It comes out when you least expect it.  This week is red ribbon week and every day has had a theme tied to it.  Yesterday at her school was super hero day!  She was one of the very few who actually wore a costume!  She was Wonder Woman.  Most kids cheated and wore logo t-shirts.  She received many compliments.  I told her she was truly a cool kid for showing the most spirit.

I think if Ryan went to school with his best buddy Lucas the stories would be endless.  It could also be scary.  They have so much fun together.  Today his school's theme is:  TWIN DAY.  These two would have been twins for sure between his mom and me it would have been well plotted out.  I felt a little bad, I don't know any of the moms.  But not to worry.  My son and another friend of his worked out all the details and they were going to be twins.  Jeans, school t-shirts, and slip on shoes which they both have.  Now how cool is that???

What are your proud (or perhaps not so proud moments)?


Emmy said...

Yes Ryan and Lucas would be cute twins :)
And Kristin's play really was awesome! Especially for a high school production I was beyond impressed.
And good for Emily-always fun to have a reason to dress up

Kate F. (@katefineske) said...

Oh... the dreaded "twin day." :) We just had this one too for red ribbon week. (along with opposite day (?), Favorite Team Day and Wear Red Day.

My middle child just started Kindergarten this year and it is so nice to feel like I am an "experienced" mom at these themed days! I remember when my oldest was in Kindergarten and came home telling me about Red Ribbon week and the themed days and I thought to myself: What's Red Ribbon Week??? LOL.

MiMi said...

Your daughter looks so cute with that face paint!

Mary said...

It's neat to hear what other schools did for red ribbon week! Good for your daughter for being brave enough to dress up!

blueviolet said...

She deserves some extra credit for showing all that spirit!

Linda Medrano said...

Your kids are adorable! Really a great looking crew you've got there!

Heather said...

Your children are beautiful!!! Sometimes it is nice to stop and think about the things that makes us proud instead of their messy rooms.

Stopping by from Shell's

Kmama said...

Your kids sound like such great kids. How cool that Emily decided to do what she wanted, and not what the rest of the crowd typically does. You definitely should be proud!