Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Fun

In light of my serious and loaded question last week, I thought I would ask some fun and random questions.

Have you ever been driving somewhere you normally go, and the car goes the wrong way?  Certainly it must the car.  It couldn't possibly be your fault.

Have you ever forgotten to put on deodorant and wondered what that smell was?

Have you ever wondered where all the pens and pencils have gone?

Who ate the last cookie?

Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill?

We all call our children by the wrong name, but do any of them have a combination of two?  Emily is forever being called "Kr-Emily" Poor dear.

Ever been so tired that your thought process stops mid sentence?

If one or more of these things have happened to you, congratulations you are a parent, over worked and exhausted.  There is no known cure.  Except maybe sleep.  I can neither confirm no deny any of these have happened to me. 


MiMi said...

I always call the kids the wrong names. Sometimes I go through 3 or 4 names, including the darn dogs, before I hit the right one.
And my stupid car goes it's own direction all the time!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Yes! To every single one of those. Especially the thought process stopping. This happens to me all the time now!

Emmy said...

I am sure I should have wondered what that smell was, but since I have no sense of smell everyone else was just suffering :)

And yea, the name thing, my little sister was Em-Melissa growing up

blueviolet said...

Please tell me if there is a soul alive who has escaped this type of thing!

Colleen said...

My mom always used to yell the dog's name at us.

I love this list. If I weren't phone blogging, I'd answer them all!

Linda Medrano said...

I was fine until I added dog number 3. First it was just Harry and Honey and that was fine. Now I've added Zoe and I call all of them by my daughter's name, Sheila, by my grandkids names, Cyrus, Ariana, Hannah, Emma, Aidan, and Abbey Rose. I also call them by other dog friends names Lola and Carmen. It's a mess!

Nicole said...

If you forget the deodorant, but have hand sanitizer, just slap some of that on your arm pits. It isn't the best but it works in a tight squeeze!