Monday, February 14, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day


Saint Valentine's Day is named after one or more Christian martyrs, one being Saint Valentine.  The day was made for intimate companions to express their love for another. It was eventually taken out of the Catholic calendar but still recognized as a religious holiday.  I never knew it was myself.  Valentine's Day first became associated with romance in the middle ages where courtships began.  Hey this is kind of cool.  I didn't know that one either!!


Cupid is loosely translated to "Desire"  Cupid is the product of Venus and Mars.  When Princess Psyche was receiving far more attention than Venus, Venus ordered Cupid to shoot Psyche with his arrow and cause her to fall in love with the evilest thing in the world.  Upon sneaking into her room, Cupid scratched himself with his arrow of gold and fell in love Psyche.  She was later turned into a goddess so that she and Cupid could be together.


The Anti-Cupid!  Yes...Anti-Cupid....causes mischief and trouble against doomed relationships.  Which I suppose is a good thing if they are doomed.  Cupid then follows behind and mends the broken hearts.

So now that we have had this little history is a little history on me and the man.

We met in May of 92.  Our first Valentine's Day was spent with his parents.  That was when I met them.

Feb. 14, 1994  We moved from So. Cal to No. Cal...or as I like to call it, the other CA.

Feb. 14, 1995  I had a laparoscopy done.  Fun right?

Feb. 14, 1996  I am sure something came up...though I do not remember.

Feb 14, 1997  Husband was singing with a Barbershop Quartet that day and evening delivering singing Valentine's grams.  I was a widow.

Feb.14, 1998  Kristin was almost 5 months old.  She was finally sleeping good.  Who the heck care's about Valentine's Day anyway???

Over the years, we have exchanged cards and stuff, but we really don't make a big deal about it.  In fact, we kind of laugh about it and poke fun.  Perhaps the Anti-Cupid is trying to cause trouble, but he can't because our relationship is not doomed.  And we can keep this fun perspective because Cupid has mended each of the broken Valentine's Days.

What is Valentine's Day like in your house?


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Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

The youngest Fruit of My Loins was born on Valentine's Day. Thusly obliterating the romantic holiday as we once knew it.
One day he'll be grown and gone, but by then, I might not remember what to do.

VandyJ said...

WE celebrate it at home with the kiddos. Seafood tonight, yum! and sometimes I get a gift of jewelry or chocolates. We don't really make a big deal out of it.

MiMi said...

We celebrate with the kids. :)
It's a religious holiday?? For reals?! Weird!

Emmy said...

Typically Eric and I just go out for sushi, but this we are doing our Fancy Nancy dinner and I have a feeling this might be our new tradition.

mormonhermitmom said...

We buy treats for the kids. We buy them valentines to take to school. We've gone to a Valentine's day dance three times as a couple, once premarriage, and the other two at ward parties. Um. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Valentines Day is blah at our house and that's ok.

Laura Lynn said...

The anti-cupid, funny!
We just hang out with the kids usually and eat chocolate and junk but it's fun! I baked for everyone and will give the kids little goodies for after dinner. And that's about it!
Have a good night!

Linda Medrano said...

We do cards, I get flowers, but we don't really make that big a deal out of it. I do like giving out valentines so buy them in bulk. Weird, I know.

Nicole said...

haha... we're newly weds... we apparently make a big deal out of it :)

blueviolet said...

He brought me home a card today, but that's about as much as I'll allow. I'm not much of a romantic. At all.

Mrs Montoya said...

We're pretty low key at our house on V-Day. My hub's not a gushy guy and I'm totally OK with that. I do make goodie bags for the kiddos and we all eat their fav dinner together. Thanks for the groovy history lesson :)

Amy said...

Valentine's Day is just another day in my house. My husband is not romantic at all. Case in point, yesterday morning I told him I really wanted some flowers. I love Spring, and I need a little reminder of it in my house.
He got home from work, walked in the door, and didn't have anything. I asked if he got flowers. He sheepishly smiled and said "They, uh, are in the car. Uh, I forgot something at work. I will be right back." He left, came back half an hour later with three bags of chips and a small chocolate bar. I had to laugh. Just another day.