Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Pet A Snake

That's right. I indeed touched a snake. I showed no fear, I just reached out and touched it. Of course, the snake in question was being handled by someone who knew what they were doing, and the snake itself was probably only 2 feet long at most. It wasn't cold and slimey as one might think. No, it was soft and silky. Perhaps this is how they glide so effortlessly around. I let the snake wrap it's tail around my wrist, and I could feel a sample of the power it has when it tightens its body around its victims. I honestly could have petted that silly thing all day, but it was a snake. So this got me thinking, what else have I know sort of like a bucket list thing. I actually have done a lot of things, but that in know way means I am done!!! So what have I done....?

1. I have met: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, Tony Danza, The Monkees, Lisa Whelchel, and had a photo op with President Bush(43) and Mrs. Bush.

2. I auditioned for a Bud Light commercial

3. I came in 3rd in a line dance competition(and was later told I was totally robbed) for tickets to a Brooks and Dunn concert. No tickets for me. Oh well.

4. I have been to the White House and seen both wings

5. I have visited many states: Utah, ID, AZ, TX, LA, AL, GA, OH & PA

6. I have eaten: alligator, deer, and liver. Liver is not something I care for.

7. I have ridden horseback through the woods and hills of Mexico. Looking back it truly was an amazing ride, but I was absolutely terrified when we crossed the river of death!!!

There have been a lot of things I have done, and many things I have yet to do. For instance, I have yet to write that book!
The Rosy Boa


Emmy said...

That is a pretty good list of things you have done though.
Of your list the only one I have also done is been to most of those states and eaten deer. So very unique things indeed!

KK said...

You've done quite a bit. I kind of like long as they don't show up in my house or my yard!

mormonhermitmom said...

That is a good list. The idea of petting a snake isn't so bad, but I've never had the opportunity of trying it. As long as it's controlled like you said.