Thursday, November 19, 2009

1 through 5

It's Thursday and once again, I am choosing to go with Mama Kat's weekly writing prompt. Today, I am doing something different. I am going to write about all five. I will keep them as brief as humanly possible so as not to bore you to tears, but then you can always click the X button right? I mean I would never know.

A Thanksgiving Remembered:

We all have our favorite things about Thanksgiving. The parade. The football. Does anyone remember when they used to show Miracle on 34th Street after the parade each year? Why don't they do that anymore? I digress.

When my first child was born in September of 97, I was determined to have Thanksgiving dinner. And well, having a lot a little bit of control issues, I wanted it done the way I was accustomed too. You know make the stuffing like my mom, the yams, etc. Forget the fact that I was operating on little or no sleep. Forget the fact that Rich at the time was working two jobs. Forget the fact that if Kristin wasn't sleeping, she was in my arms screaming. So why then did I insist on a full blown Thanksgiving dinner? Because I was stupid!!!! I should have bought frozen dinners, and maybe some turkey breasts to cook for sandwich purposes.

Most destructive thing your pet has ever done:

Okay this one is not about my pet, it's about a friend's pet I took care of. Once upon a time, when Kristin was 3 and we lived in military housing, we were helping a friend by feeding and walking their dalmatian. They also had a bunny. This thrilled Kristin beyond measure even back then. The couple was gone for just a few days, and the day before they were going to be home their dog had torn up and shredded every bit of newspaper he could find and then ever so thoughtfully spread the little bits of paper all over the house. Now, that wasn't enough. He decided the room needed more. So he ripped up a pillow and tossed the contents therein here and there. Well now, any dog in his right mind knows that the way keep your territory as yours is to mark it. Yep he peed. I was soooo glad he wasn't my dog. I cleaned up his messes and hoped he wouldn't do it again.

1000 words or less something that happened to me that I knew I would never be the same.

Sept 23, 1997 at 5:43PM
June 28, 2000 at 10:43AM
Oct. 14, 2005 at 8:15AM

'Nough said.

An entry from my diary at age 13? Well now, I don't remember keeping one at that time, though I wished I did. I remember being tormented in school. I had lots of acne, I was taller than my peers, I had no need to assist my chest with tissue or socks, and I was convinced I was fatter than a hippo. At 13 I was 5'8" and probably weighed 130 pounds. See, nice and healthy. But boy I was gross and fat in my book. My sister was 5'10 and weighed about 135. So you can imagine how thin she must have been. I don't blame her of course and I didn't then either.

Describe a moment you felt embarrassed by your parents.

Well I don't remember my mom embarrassing me as much as I know I take pleasure in embarrassing my daughter. I am not sure if it is being mean spirited or just that I am immature that way. In my defense, I am around 12 year olds 5 days a week. It rubs off. I do remember one time when I was maybe 10, my dad standing on the porch and yelling at me to get in the house. His exact words were, "Lourie Jean get your rufus in the house!!" Rufus. Who says that? Apparently my dad. My friends taunted me over that one for weeks. I can't even remember why I was in trouble. I was too embarrassed.

Well that is it. I hope you didn't mind my ramblings.


Emmy said...

How fun! And what a good take. I am impressed you were able to think of something for all of them.
That dog incident is why I don't want pets.

I thought of moments my dad embarrassed me.. but I didn't want to post them on my blog as he reads it.

mormonhermitmom said...

Ha! Excellent.

Holly said...

Hopping over from Mama Kat's

I always threaten turkey dogs for has not happened yet. I did the same thing when my son was born...duh!

Love how you did the 1000 words of less! Very clever

Thanks for sharing! (from one CA girl to another!)

Holly @ 504 Main

Anonymous said...

I think you're right! Why do us new moms want to have everyone and their mother over for a holiday. Maybe it's to prove that YES - I am an adult! I should be thankful that I don't have to have a holiday! LOL