Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trials and Tribulations

One of my oldest daughter's favorite scriptures is Joshua 1:9.

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

This scripture was a constant reminder to her that she was never alone even during her darkest times and worst trials. Yes, even a teenager can face dark times and trials. We all face dark times and trials. What is curious to me is the way we brave it and put up such fronts to the world at large.

"How are you" Friends will ask. (We ask this too.) And we genuinely want to know. We are sincerely interested in their welfare especially if something is wrong. So it stands to reasons that our friends/family would likewise be interested in our well being. Then why do we always resort to standard answers such as,"I'm doing good," or "Hanging in there." Instead of just once telling them exactly what it is that is going on? In one short answer, we do not wish to burden others with our trials. They already have so much on their plate I do not want to add to it. Sometimes, we need to share those burdens simply because our friends will have a sympathetic ear that is meant just for you. It might be an opportunity for them to open up to you realizing you both have trials and feels good to unload them. It may not resolve anything, but it is certainly good to know that we can share our trials with each other. It's true, we are not alone in our trials no matter what they are. I know that we are not forgotten. I know that Heavenly Father is there through each of these trials that we face, and I know that He places these special people in our lives to uplift one another in these times of trial. 

While our trials may seem overwhelming or may seem like little to nothing next to "their trials" it is still our trial and the one that we must face. What a blessing to know we are not alone; ever.


Shell said...

It's automatic, that "I"m fine!" or good or okay. It does help to know we aren't alone. <3

Nicole said...

My answer is always... I'm alive and kicking. haha. Wow, I think I needed to see this today. I've been putting off watching it a little bit... don't know why... but maybe it was because I needed it today.... Thank you!