Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: Slacking, Haircuts, and Diet Coke

Emmy Mom

I have been a bit of slacker this week. No week long migraines, though I did have yesterday. I am in an intermediate math class which I am determined to pass. I DO NOT want to repeat it! I really do not. I digress, I am happy to participate with my bestie Emmy, in her Friday Five meme! 

1.  I had a battle with Verizon...I won. It was short lived. I made a payment arrangement with them that I would pay the bill on a given date. The bill was then paid with a different card, however Verizon took upon themselves to automatically pull the money from the card on file. Unfortunately there was not enough in the account to cover it. This is why we used the other card. As a result, we were also charged $29 for non sufficient funds.To shorten this story we spent about 90 minutes and two disconnects we have been reimbursed. 

2.  This week, Kristin started volunteering in Ryan's class. It will be an interesting experiment for her. I look forward to seeing the results.

3.  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Is it just another day?  We are having a nice fancy dinner that involves the whole family. As a couple, not so much. Here's the deal, most if not all of our first several Valentine's were sidelined by other things such as: a laparoscopy, moving, duty, deployment, among other things. We just decided it didn't matter. 

4. We have an outdoor kitty. Well...not really, but it sure comes around a lot. We named it. "Tiger." I don't feed it. (yet)   Although my son wants to. Tiger comes and goes, I am not sure if she/he belongs to anyone but she/he seems fairly healthy.  She/he cannot come in though. Spencer would be too butthurt.

5. It is a 4 day weekend. This is good and bad. Extra days to sleep in, and extra days of "I'm bored!" It's a mixed good/bad. We shall see. 

Okay so it is two in one...but we will count it as one.  I decorate my antenna with ribbon. I can find my car easier that way! haha. Emily got her hair colored. She went dark. It makes her eyes pop, and her freckles! hehe.

Finally Coke got it right! I don't share!
This actually came from my Snapchat. We had fun making it.
Remember last week when it ws 77? Yeah...this was Monday.
A new to me shirt! I love our thrift store.

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Emmy said...

Man I am so slow about commenting! I have now seen you since this post ;) Glad you won the phone battle in the end. Yes, definitely interested to see how it goes with Kristin, that is fun though that she gets to do that. And do not feed that cat!