Friday, June 15, 2012

In My Reach

Just near my husband's work is place where old cars are restored to their former glory.  I get to see them come together over time as I drop him off each day.  It's fun.  Most recently, a mustang was brought in.  And not just any mustang.  This one is a convertible.  And they are doing it right.  They are painting it red.

I have been wanting this car since I was in high school I think.  I just sat and stared at it for a while.  Then I took a picture, because as you know it will last longer!  Ryan asked me why I took the picture.  I told him because I really wanted that car, and then I said it, "but I can't have it."  Wait a second.  Who says I can't???  I can have any car I want thank you very much!  And I want that one!  I can hear it rumbling as I drive off.  Oh!  Can you feel the power?  Oh yeah!  Just look at it.  It was then that I corrected my mistake.  "Well, I can have it, it's just not practical for our family right now.   But I will have it someday."   Somehow that felt better than saying it was simply a no.  As I stated on Monday's Post, let them reach for the stars.  Well how can I show them that if I don't?

Do you reach for the stars?


Emmy said...

Yes you can and good for you!

Nicole said...

I think I used to more than I do now :(

Nicole said...

btw like the car!

mormonhermitmom said...

Saw a newer black Mustang come out of the local gas station today. Ooh Boy! If James Bond had been an American, that would have been his car.