Thursday, May 17, 2012

Verizon Ruined My Recap!

I hate Verizon!  Can I just say that?  Can I also say that they suck???  Do you know that there is a FB page just for Verizon hating?  I need to go there and like it.  So what is my gripe?

Well as you noticed, I missed my recap this for DWTS.  I recorded it so I could watch it on Tuesday and get it all put together Tuesday night.  I went to watch it.  The DVR said:  May 14th.  Why then, was it last week's show???  Seriously.  Last week with the current week's date.  It makes my head hurt (more) to think about that.  So don't blame me.  Blame Verizon!

I do know that Maria and Derek went home.  What the French Toast!?
Everyone danced two dances on Monday.  I saw one of theirs.  This was their Tango.  He came down the stairs with her legs wrapped around him.  They got two sets of perfect scores and they got sent home.  They should have been in the finals.  Not fair.  I was not happy with that outcome.  But she was gracious and so humble.  She just smiled and said how much she learned and couldn't believe she got as far as she did. 

In the finals are:  William and Cheryl, Katherine and Mark, and Donald and Peta.

I am determined to recap the finals!  Despite stupid Verizon!  And don't even get me started on their wireless policies!  We could be here all day!!!


Emmy said...

What the French toast is right!! People probably assumed they were safe because of their perfect scores and didn't vote for them.
Oh and I could add so much verizon hate to this post.

becca said...

see i was thinking Katherine got a lot of sympathy votes i was surprise to see Maria go but hey the final three are good i think this is the first year that the final three actual are good dancer and deserve to be there.

MiMi said...

Maria who??

Nicole said...

it should have been Katherine, Donald & Maria!!!